Friday, January 27, 2017

Top Ten Things I Love About Expat Life In Bangkok #9 ASIA. IS. AMAZING.

Whether it's an unbelievable city skyline that never ends, roaming elephants, amazing waterways, ancient ruins or just your average tropical paradise... Thailand has it and Asia in general has it times a gazillion or so. 

Before we came to Bangkok I didn't begin to realize the creativity and beauty I would encounter from the buildings and places the remarkable people of Asia have fashioned. Sometimes as Westerners we can delude ourselves into thinking we've cornered the market on amazing man made locations. Not so my friends. 

Thai malls blow ours out of the water in terms of beauty and elegance. 

The Bangkok aquarium is out of this world. Never seen one to rival it. 

I've been to hotels here that put Disney top of the line resorts to shame. 

Now don't even get me STARTED on the remarkable natural beauty. 

It's breathtaking... 

And the sounds... 

Just stop. 

And the trees... 

And the water... 

And the animals... 

And the feeling that you've stepped into another world.

I really do love you Thailand, just the way you are.. 

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