Thursday, January 26, 2017

Top Ten Things I Love About Expat Life in Bangkok - #10

I could go real deep with ya here or we could get real. It's me so it's all about the real. COME OOOOOOON!!! Obviously the first thing I'm gonna say is THE MASSAGES! 

Cause SERIOUSLY! Amazing massages for an amazing price ANY TIME WE WANT is craaaaaaazy awesome. On demand, inexpensive massages make up for a whole lotta hard and stressful. 

Couldn't understand anything today? 
Get a massage! 

Possibly a giant lizard in your ceiling? 
WHATEVER! Get a massage and you'll forget about that creepy shuffling. 

Can't go anywhere cause driving is terrifying for you? 
Doesn't even matter cause you can get a MASSSSSSAGE right HERE!  

You see how this works? Massage makes 89.7% of everything in life better. 

Go ahead and add onto that facials, manicures, pedicures, false eyelashes, any kind of hired help for amazing prices and it can be easy to get spoiled rotten. 

Basically, when I go back to Texas to visit I now feel a deep massage void. Ha! Thailand life is good in the pampering realm! 

And all the expats in Asia said, "AMEN!" 

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Kristi Lonheim said...

Amen! I will be there for a conference at the end of March and this is #1 on my list.