Friday, July 24, 2015

I didn't want to go.

That's my confession. When we were first asked if we were willing to come to Bangkok, Thailand my gut reaction was NO WAY. In my mind Bangkok was a dirty, scary place in documentaries about trafficking and movies about idiots doing stupid stuff during bachelor parties. 

I am sorry to say I knew nothing else about it. I didn't know about the schools or the neighborhood or anything good. I didn't have any clue about the amazing culture or precious people or amazing sights. I knew it was across the world. I knew almost only bad things about it to be honest. I was scared. I was so happy where we were. I wanted to just say no... Really badly... But I knew that would be wrong. 

Anytime I feel fear like that.. The paralyzing run away kind that makes me want to plug my ears and sing loudly I know I need to stop, drop and pray. And I did. And Russ did. And I told Russ... Just find out if it's safe. And we read about it and asked people about it and watched documentaries about it and we found out it was safe for our family and that apparently people loved it. That's what we knew. 


We didn't know where we'd live. We didn't know how we'd educate the kids. We had never visited. We didn't know what they ate. We didn't know how to say even one word. Nothing. 

It wasn't until about 6 wks before move that we even knew anything at all. It wasn't until we lived here that we knew most of it. 

The fear was tempting for me on this one. I wanted to run... Badly. I had every reason to run. It was scary. 

I chose love and power and a sound mind this time. I pray I always will. I'm learning that so much of having faith is tied up in having love. I'm learning that everything is about having love. 

I guess what I'm saying is I look around me and know that I could have missed all this. Yes, I would have missed out on the stress and could have avoided the fear.. but I also would have missed the absolutely amazing moments and the growing and miracles happening around me every moment. Miracles don't come easy. They are most often stretching and painful. 

I guess what I'm getting at is this... If something terrifying comes to you and you want to run... Don't. Use love and power and a sound mind. If you walk away in that way then good for you. I just hope you won't run. Cause when we are afraid it can make us run from the best thing that could ever happen to us. 

And every time you see my pictures of this amazing place know that I'm imperfect. That I could have missed it. Know that it's sometimes overwhelming. That I cry and miss people I love and Trader Joe's and easy but that I'm so crazy grateful I chose love. 

Not running. 

Love always, 

ps The quote photo in this post is from one of my favorite books in the history of ever.. "Keep Your Love On." It's like how to be successful and awesome at relationships in a nutshell. I hope and pray the whole world reads it and lives and loves by it. :) 

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Cayle said...

I started reading this blog what feels like so many years ago. I was a very young teenager and blogs introduced me to God, adoption, and people with huge hearts. I am now almost 24 with two small girls one from my heart and one from my belly. I always wondered where all the families I have read about through the years disappeared. I look forward to hearing about your new adventure!