Friday, November 30, 2012

Stump Recovery Program- Step 1- Identify Stumpiness

We all know that the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem right? So here's the question... ARE YOU A STUMP?

What is a "Giving Tree Stump" you ask? For that answer just click here...

I myself discovered I WAS indeed A STUMP.

I wasn't always a stump but I became extremely stumpy. 

As I have visited with more and more women have I realized this is not a just me thing. There are a lot of stumpy women out there. So how to recover? 

Here's step 1. Are you a stump? 

You might be a stump if.....

1. You think life is like a metaphorical pie and if you take a piece for yourself it leaves less for everyone else so you try not to take much for yourself.

2. You feel guilty... like A LOT. You feel guilty anytime you take care of yourself. You might even sometimes feel guilty for feeling guilty.

3. You feel proud of yourself when you are able to keep going even if you are completely drained. You don't stop to rest until you are completely spent.

4. You often give to others to the extreme and sometimes feel hurt or resentful that people can't see what you feel and need. You may wonder why they don't give to you the same way.

5. You have quit doing things that used to be extremely important to you because you just don't have time for that.

6. You have lost your spark.

7. You find yourself resenting it if you see people close to you taking care of themselves because you "can't" do that.

8. Things you used to love (like being a mom, homeschooling, helping people, planning events, or fill in the blank) now leave you feeling stressed and exhausted.

9. You begin to wonder if you will ever be that person you used to be or if this is your new personality.

10. You find worth in how much you sacrifice and feel frustrated by those you don't feel are sacrificing to the same degree. 

If you identify with 4-5 you are approaching stumpy. 6-7 and you are pretty stinkin stumpy. 8-10 and you are the stumpiest stump in the woods like I was. So let me know... how many of us are there? 

Are you ready to dustump with me?

There's hope my stumpy friends. I believe we can be way more than stumps. Who's in? 

Part 2 coming soon....

HUGS, Angel

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Tanja said...

Looking forward to part 2 :)
11 months of broken nights with #5. I'm in. How to grow again...