Friday, August 10, 2012

There are things you want..

My dad is not always a man of many words. When he does say something it's usually because he HAS something to say and it's worth hearing.

One sunny day, years ago, I was sitting on my parents front porch while my dad was working in the yard. I was explaining some very big life decisions Russ and I were facing. I explained to him how hard it was to make these choices and I asked for his advice. This is what he said to me that day...

"Angel, there are things you want and there are things you want MORE. You have to decide which is which."

I laughed and agreed with him. It didn't seem like rocket science but it kind of was. Sometimes the most difficult things to do are so simple at their core. So much of what it comes down to is what do we want MORE.

Sometimes it's not good and bad or black and white or right or wrong. Sometimes it's just so many good things we could do and we have to really listen to what God is whispering to our hearts... Which means getting quiet enough to hear that still small voice. Which means drowning out the guilt, obligation, dream scenarios, romantic lenses, selfishness, anger and frustration to just be honest with ourselves... And KNOW our own heart.

I can't tell you how many times over the years that advice has rung in my ears. I can tell you that it's ringing in my ears over and over for the past couple of months.

There are things I want... And there are things I want more. Which is which?

I just wish my dad could tell me what I want more cause I OFTEN have trouble figuring that part out. Dad??? ;-)

Hugs, Angel


Shonni said...

So sweet and so true.

Ruth said...

I would like to adopt some day, but am currently still single and (fairly) young (and quite broke, though I know God can take care of that part). But in the last few weeks I have discovered the wonderful and ginormous world of adoption blogs! (came here from Mama D's page :-) )
Being new to the scene, I was just wondering - why does your Ethiopia Adoption timeline to the right end in 2010? What happened? Or is that too personal of a question...
Your blog does look interesting and I would love to continue to get to know your story through it. :-)