Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Grocery Plan

    • After researching and making a spreadsheet for a good portion of the day I think we are getting close to done! What we did was compared what we think we usually spend at the grocery store to the Sam's Club prices and to the Amazon prices. There were items that were far cheaper on Amazon. There were a lot that were within a dollar difference between Amazon and Sams Club in which case we defaulted to Amazon cause I'm a fan of instant delivery! There are a small handful of items we will shop for at the grocery store... Like grass fed beef... Since neither Amazon or Sams carry it for a reasonable amount. Here's what it comes down to... A whole lot will come from Amazon and be on subscription and delivery. Most of the rest I can order and pay for online at Sams Club then all I do is pick it up! Then I just have to run into the store for about 10-15 small items a week I think. So WAY simpler.... Oh and we are getting stuff I would previously skip getting cause it was too expensive AND it looks like we will still be saving a good chunk of change! We will post what items we decided to buy at which stores on my blog. Of course SO much is personal preference. If you have 4 kids, like mostly organic, antibiotic free, healthyISH but compromise if it's too expensive... Then the list might really help you. It may at least give you a place to start. This is all highly experimental and requires the ability to bulk buy certain items but if our numbers are correct I think we are about to start saving some major cash AND almost or more exciting saving tons of time and stress. Here's hoping! I'll keep you updated. I'll tell you when the blog post is up. Happy new year to you!! Isn't our day exciting??? We are party animals!

Last week I posted on Facebook about our attempt to simplify grocery shopping and save money. Here is what we discovered if anyone is interested. :-) Remember... no tax on Amazon and free shipping with Prime. At Sam's Club you can shop on line and they will pull it for you. Then you just pick up. Hope this is a blessing to some of you. Angel