Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This morning I feel like God is asking me to pause and take a look backward.. and then forward with him. He's been taking me through my journey over the years with Him. He led me to go back to my VERY FIRST blog post Sep of 2005. I haven't looked at it in years, or ever. Oh my word... I can't begin to tell you all the things I see in this post that in hindsight are nothing short of amazing. I may have to write about it. I have tears and a lump in my throat. Do you see it?? If you know me well some parts will stick out- we are adopting from Korea, faith is hard for me, my illusion of control. At the time it was just a young mommy sharing her heart. Who could have known this little blog would be a tool God used to change my life?? Who could have guessed it could have led to some of the best friends I have, to a not for profit being formed, to mission trips, sponsorships, conferences... to a whole new world far beyond what I knew was out there. I am so eternally grateful for the record I have of the journey. This blog post was at the beginning of everything changing. This blog post was in the easy, happy part. 2 months after this post I would feel like the earth was shaking under my feet and my whole view of life would begin to change forever with a little girl. Some of you walked the story with me. That's it. I'm blogging again. Here's the post...


My first Entry Ever

So I guess I'm joining this new generation of "bloggers". I know some of you techie type people know exactly why it is called blogging. Please fill me in! BLOGGING?? I have many reasons for wanting to start this blog.

One main reason is that Russ and I are adopting from Korea. I have been so blessed to see other blogs where people are sharing their experiences and pictures. It brings hope and clarity for me to read their rich experiences.

When we discovered Kaitlyn (our first baby) would have to have surgery for metopic craniosynostosis we scoured the Internet. The most helpful things we found were websites made by parents telling us about what we were about to face. We recorded Kaitlyn's surgery day by day on our family website. We have had many families e-mail tell us it helped them.

My prayer is that this blog will serve as

1. An encouragement to other families who are going through the adoption process
2. A tool for those considering adoption
3. An update for our friends who want to keep up with the process
4. A journal of this journey of faith we are embarking upon
5. Just a record of life in general to look back on

The reason I am naming this blog Faith's Journey is that I believe that is what adoption is. Generally this is what my life is. Believing in what we cannot see.

FAITH=Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence

Hmmmm sounds scary huh? Even irrational.... Or maybe it's the most reasonable thing we do as human beings. To believe in more than ourselves. To embrace the fact that we don't know or see everything. Why is faith so hard for me? I think it's because I have give up my illusion of control.

From what I can tell adoption is going to be such a lesson in Faith's Journey.

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Tessa said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you are blogging again. I have missed you. You were such an inspiration to me during our adoption process and now we have a 10 year old little girl living in our house! I still remember calling you on the phone and talking to you about adoption and those words still resonate with me today. So glad you are back!