Tuesday, May 03, 2011

We interrupt this blogging hiatus for an emergency broadcast!!

OK LOOK! I KNOOOOOOW I'm a loser blogger these days. Yes, I know I'm fickle... hot and cold... a fair weather friend. FORGIVE ME!! 4 kids is simultaneously awesome and kicking MY REAR END! BUT I could NOT pass up an opportunity to share something this amazing with you.

This is the something, well someone, amazing I want to share... this beautiful lady... Amy Block. If you've followed this blog for any length of time you've probably seen her sweet face pop up. (You should also receive an award for sticking with my loser blogging skills for that long)

You can check out her blog at buildingtheblocks.blogspot.com.

Ok... see now I'm starting to cry just writing this post. This lady means the world to me and I want to ask if you will help me, help her to do something amazing.

I met Amy during our first adoption. She had 4 bio cutie pies and had adopted 1 baby from Guatemala. She found my blog and had formerly used my agency. God laid on her heart that she should adopt an older child. Since I was adopting Zoe she asked if we could talk cause she was a nervous wreck. I was just young and dumb and didn't know anything anyway. Nevertheless... something clicked right away and we started chatting a bit by phone and e-mail. Then she had a long layover through Houston and we had dinner. Then she MOVED to Texas and we would make the 5 hour haul to see each other once in awhile...

We've never lived close together. We've never gotten to spend more than a day at a time together but this lady is like my sister. God sent her to me- of that I am CERTAIN!

When we met I didn't have friends who were adopting. I had precious, loving friends who cared deeply... but they didn't get my insanity and struggle. Amy got me in a way I desperately needed someone to get me. Ya know what? I get her too.

We've been through moves, adoptions, fostering, lost referrals, mission trips, financial stress, advocating, building a not-for-profit, loving the unlovable, homeschooling, public schooling, anger, success, failure, joy and sorrow together.

We've built our families together, spilled our guts, said the things you can't say out loud. When I met Amy I had one bio daughter and was bringing Zoe home. When I met Amy she had 4 bio children and 1 adopted child. We were both excited and terrified about the things God was calling us to do.

Here's Amy's family today!

Amy was amazing when I met her. Amy blows me out of the water today. She is not super woman. She's just a fragile human who loves Jesus in a way I've seldom seen. She gets frustrated, hurt, insecure and then she takes it to Jesus. She challenges me to be more, love more, give more, be content, treasure things that God treasures.

Amy and her beautiful family are about to go on their biggest adventure yet. They have sold their precious little home in the Texas country and they are moving to GUATEMALA!!

Several years ago Amy and I got to go on a mission trip to Guatemala together. We talked and dreamed together about her deep hope that one day...maybe when they retired... they could move to Guatemala and be missionaries. Looks like God's timeline was a little sooner.

They are selling their things, packing up, ready to go. They are just waiting for God to send the money in which we are ALL CONFIDENT He will. HE knows who is supposed to be a part of Team Block.

They need 147 people to commit to sponsoring them for $25 a month.

They will be loving on 100s of orphans, organizing sponsorships, hosting mission trips.... You couldn't pay me NOT to be a part of this amazing story. I'm IN! I'm inviting you to join me.

Would you consider sponsoring them? Would you consider helping us spread the word?? Facebook...blogs...twitter... YES PLEASE! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!! :-) Just 147 people at $25 a month and this amazing family is off to be Jesus hands and feet in Guatemala. Trust me, you couldn't possibly ask for a better family to be goers. Let's be the senders.

BTW... I WILL be going to visit my sweet Amy in Guatemala and I hope YOU might just come join me. HUGS! Angel


Holly said...

oh oh! I wanna go! :)
Thanks for sharing this. Anyone who knows Amy knows she is the real deal. Can't wait to see how God rallies His army around this family as they step into His calling for them!

LouLou@thelifeofloulou.blogspot.com said...

Oh I'm in!!! Where do I go to set up the $25?? I'm also IN for a mission trip. I've been praying about that so much lately!

Angel said...

YAY!!! Thank you to BOTH of you! Go right here Lou! https://www.denarionline.com/DonorServices/TEMPLATEPAGE.ASPX?COMP_REF=_CTEN&CONTENT=MISSIONARY&MISSION_REF=2A5F80D300

Angel said...

If that doesn't work look at the link at the bottom of the post... it's in red... that's the link. You guys are precious. Thank you for helping. :-) Angel

"Walk by Faith" Photography said...

I will be helping out and am also anxious to get back to Guatemala, so keep me posted.
~ Misty

Amy said...

You could have warned me you know, warned me that I need an entire box of tissues... Yep, I just did one of those big, ugly kind of cries. Thank you so much my friend. You know I adore you more than words can say and I thank God every.single.day that He gave me my own personal Angel. :)

Amy said...

And thank you ALL who are willing to be on our team- we are so excited to have you!!

Christi said...

SO going with you!
LOVE this.. thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

I love their amazing family!!!