Monday, November 29, 2010

My gut tells me... SLOW DOWN! As much as I want to just have life skip along as usual it just never does. Kai is amazing and his adjustment has been the most any parent could hope for... BUT it's still an adjustment.

It's still just learning how to do life with FOUR!

I am finding my kids need a little more right now. Nobody is super jealous. Nobody is melting down. They just need extra hugs, extra cuddles, extra everything.

Not to mention that we have had more sickness floating around this house than we have in YEARS! It has really knocked us out.

I know this is just a season but for some reason it's hard for me to accept doing this. Why is that??

To be really honest- I HATE disappointing people. I hate it. It's so hard for me to say no to things I love doing and to things that I even consider important.

Especially in this season I had planned a lot of things I loved with all my capacity cause I had no clue I would have a new little guy so quickly.

As my wise Daddy once told me, "Angel, there are things you want and there are things you want more. You just have to always remember which is which."

How true that is. I want to go to parties and science classes and field trips and bible studies and family trips. Usually I adore those things and thrive on them. I think they are important! I want to do them.

BUT there is something I want more. I want to slow down enough to hear God's voice. I want to be a gentle and kind wife. I want to help heal the hearts of the children I have brought into my family. I want my children to feel deeply loved and valued. I want to be healthy as a person. I want to be real and not pretend I can do it all. I can't.

So here goes. Time to put first things first..

We canceled a trip to Disney for Christmas knowing we need to slow down. It'll be time to go again soon enough.

I'm gonna love my husband and snuggle my babies. I'm gonna keep some schooling going and try to keep us all healthy. Everything else is gonna have to be optional for awhile.

You know what? Instead of fighting it I really just want to embrace it! I want to soak in every second of the cuddling and slow pace knowing that in mere moments they will be grown.

That is if I have the honor of watching them grow. We never know how many moments we have left with one another. I've got to keep 1st things 1st. I never want to look back and regret the time I spent...

Ahhh.. I'm gonna go cuddle with a munchkin now.

Hugs, Angel :-)


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this reminder. I felt God telling me to 'close our zoo' a couple of weeks ago, and we did NOT get out of our jammies ALL DAY that day.

I'm finding myself being short tempered and frustrated a lot, but I also don't think I'm doing very much...maybe that's a blindness I have - to see when it's getting to be too much.

Thanks for sharing that I need to also keep in mind what I want and what I want MORE. I want MORE family time around the table, so we got a SMALLER table that we can all be around, together.

Lots of hugs,

Tara said...

VERY well written Angel! What a great reminder. Proud of you for knowing that you have to slow down and DOING IT, so many don't listen to their inner nag that tells them to slow down.

Way to go...
Love ya!

Christene said...

Thank you for sharing in this season it is hard not to get lost. What a great reminder to slow down.

Amy said...

So true my friend and exactly why I love you. And your dad- a very wise man. Hug those babies- they come first and the rest WILL come in time. Can't wait to meet Kai!!!

OneThankfulMom said...

Wise words. In the last four years I have pared my life down, and then pared it down some more. My children's needs are significant and I have to remember what a privilege it is to participate in their healing. Blessings as you slow down and breathe a little.


Penelope said...

Thanks for the post! I'm struggling with 2 toddlers and CPS is asking if we want a sibling when it is born. Wondering how we can handle another. Keep us in your prayers!