Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What Can I Do?

Someone asked me this question today and I thought it was worth sharing...

Thanks for the great post. What I am still trying to figure out though is how I can care for the orphans. We have adopted twice and my husband feels that our family is complete. Aside from adoption what can I do?

That's such a good question and I think it's one so many of us ask ourselves... What am I supposed to be doing?

I don't think adoption is the only way at all! We are adopting our 4th child and after that we may be done..maybe one more.

I th
ink some of us will be in a place to be the one taking the child physically into our home at any one time. That is a highly valuable and challenging endeavor. HOWEVER, how much easier would it be if there was a back up Body of Christ helping those people to be successful??

There is fostering, training people, getting trained to be a respite babysitter for foster parents in your church, starting an orphan ministry that connects with a church overseas to adopt orphans into their congregation, fundraising for people adopting overseas, starting a clothes closet for foster kids your church will foster, preparing meals for new foster/adoptive parents, throwing a baby shower for a young teen mom, volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, advocating for organizations that help prevent children from being orphaned, going on missions that do HIV awareness and therefore prevent parents from dying..... SO MANY WONDERFUL ways to love orphans.

I just decided this past weekend that I want to be Karyn Purvis when I grow up. ;-) So I am going crazy studying her stuff so I can help train people in our church to connect with the children God calls them to adopt. I am PUMPED!!

I guess that's my thought... what part of caring for the orphan do you feel called ?

Hmmm.... I think this just turned into a blog post. :-) Angel


I run for said...

I'm so glad you asked me what I am going to do!! Well, let me tell you - you're actually the first to know....

Right now, we LONG to adopt, but it's not our time. So, my little dormant creations business, is about to come alive again. Here's how:

I will be helping families fundraise by donating my creative services. I will be making items to send to them for raffles, but they are also getting a 'code' so when people come online and order the money they spend will then be transferred over to the family the code benefits.

I am also running 4 1/2 marathons a year and having them sponsored. I'm still looking to raise $2500 by Oct 22nd for The Indian Rescue Mission. This money will go to help rescue girls who are being trafficked for sex.

Please check out both of my sites for more info:


Hope said...

We also LONG to adopt and will someday soon. At this point, with two 8 month old babies, we just can't. So, we are fostering older children.

Love all the ideas you gave!

Ellen said...

I am a fellow paperchasing Gladney family member and I want to be Karyn Purvis when I grow up too =)


Emily said...

Angel this is so awesome, I just finished reading about Karyn Purvis in the Hague training and I cannot believe what she does! I had no idea! That's so amazing that you are pursuing that! I'll come to you if i need help, i pray i don't but i'm glad I know you! :)

OneThankfulMom said...

Karyn Purvis is one of my heroes. When we thought there was no hope, she gave us tools that carried us until we were able find "in person" help. Her videos on Empowered to Connect are invaluable!

Thanks for the great post.