Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What Can I Do?

Someone asked me this question today and I thought it was worth sharing...

Thanks for the great post. What I am still trying to figure out though is how I can care for the orphans. We have adopted twice and my husband feels that our family is complete. Aside from adoption what can I do?

That's such a good question and I think it's one so many of us ask ourselves... What am I supposed to be doing?

I don't think adoption is the only way at all! We are adopting our 4th child and after that we may be done..maybe one more.

I th
ink some of us will be in a place to be the one taking the child physically into our home at any one time. That is a highly valuable and challenging endeavor. HOWEVER, how much easier would it be if there was a back up Body of Christ helping those people to be successful??

There is fostering, training people, getting trained to be a respite babysitter for foster parents in your church, starting an orphan ministry that connects with a church overseas to adopt orphans into their congregation, fundraising for people adopting overseas, starting a clothes closet for foster kids your church will foster, preparing meals for new foster/adoptive parents, throwing a baby shower for a young teen mom, volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, advocating for organizations that help prevent children from being orphaned, going on missions that do HIV awareness and therefore prevent parents from dying..... SO MANY WONDERFUL ways to love orphans.

I just decided this past weekend that I want to be Karyn Purvis when I grow up. ;-) So I am going crazy studying her stuff so I can help train people in our church to connect with the children God calls them to adopt. I am PUMPED!!

I guess that's my thought... what part of caring for the orphan do you feel called ?

Hmmm.... I think this just turned into a blog post. :-) Angel

This IS the gospel...

I GET it now... it's breath taking... the cause of the orphan is not a cause at all. It's the very picture of God, ourselves and our salvation.

When Jesus was in the garden before His crucifixion He sweat BLOOD! The burden of my sin and shame was the price HE bore for my adoption. He brought me out of my sin and shame and made me a new creation. Now He lovingly invites me to share in this same joy and fellowship in His suffering.

When He commands His church OVER AND OVER to take up the cause of the widow and orphan it is His invitation for us to truly know HIM!

THIS is who He is... He is the defender of widows and orphans, a redeemer, a Father to the fatherless. THIS is what He does... He suffers for OUR sin and heals our brokeness, He adopts US as children and heirs no matter what the cost to Himself.

OH HOW HE LOVES US! It gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes. THIS IS THE GOSPEL! He is inviting us to LIVE IT by entering into the pain of the fatherless just as He has entered into our pain.

Do we want to gloss over the "Take up your cross and follow me" part? Do we want to pretend He never invites us to "Fellowship in His suffering?" Would we like to pretend that orphan care is a special calling for the few rather than a CLEAR and PROFOUND mandate for the bride of Christ??


If God is the Father to the Fatherless and the church is His bride..... then the CHURCH is the mother to the Fatherless.

Church, are we abandoning our children.?

We can not experience the full weight of the gospel if we run from the cross rather than take it up and FOLLOW HIM!

We are never promised comfort or ease if we follow Christ.... quite the opposite. We are promised pain. However, we are promised fellowship with a savior who would move heaven and Earth to redeem us. We are promised joy the world can't fathom or explain. We are promised the opportunity to love others the way Christ loved us. THAT is the gospel. We are promised that AS OUR LIGHT SHINES people will be drawn to love they can't understand. They will be drawn to Jesus... and through this unspeakable love we will fulfill the great commission.

Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit from CoMission for Children at Risk on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

WELCOME to Kaiya's Cooking Show! The show is starring Kaiya Rain Zhen and is produced by Daddy. The poor stage direction by Mommy. Can you tell we have orphanage eye contact issues?? :-) Hope you enjoy it. I just ADORE this little girl and giggled watching it. Angel


These are some of my T4A peeps and Karyn Purvis!! SHE IS SUCH A GIFT FROM GOD!!!

Together For Adoption 2010 was BEYOND AMAZING!!!! I am so grateful that I was blessed to go. It was 800 plus people in one room who are SO SOLD OUT to living the gospel that they will do the things the world thinks are crazy in their every day life. It was HARD CORE gospel of sacrifice and love being taught without any watering down to make it palatable. This is either your dream or your nightmare. It is MY DREAM!

The holy spirit fell on that place in a tangible way. Everywhere I looked you could see people repenting, rejoicing, sharing, ON THEIR KNEES praying and worshipping our savior who bled...suffered and died for OUR adoption.

There are no words for what this weekend did for my heart. So many of the things that have been pounding in my head this past year were being preached over and over. Some things I felt confused about were clarified. Everywhere I looked were people who looked at the gospel and saw exactly what I see- sacrificial love that verges on the INSANE! Love so strong that the world says THAT CAN NOT BE NORMAL! What IS THAT??? WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT??? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

That is the kind of love that will fulfill the great commission and nothing less...

I am still processing in a major way. Drinking through a fire hose would be an appropriate imagery. I am walking away so encouraged to see a glimpse of what God is doing and a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the call.

Thank you Lord for this weekend.