Thursday, September 09, 2010

Classical Conversations Videos

The girls and I participate in a homeschool program called Classical Conversations. We LOVE it so much!!! Last year was our first year and it happened to be Cycle 1. There are 3 different cycles you cover... 1 each year... then you repeat them. We attend classes once a week for 24 weeks a year.

We are about to start Classical Conversations Cycle 2 tomorrow. I thought for fun we would see how much the girls remember from Cycle 1 before we start. I recorded these because I know a lot of people think, "MY kids could never learn that."


Well, your kids CAN do it!! These are just my normal kids after a summer of only lightly reviewing Cycle 1. I am amazed how much they remember after only one year of CC. Imagine what they will be able to do in a few more years!

First are their History sentences Part 1.

History Sentences Part 2.

This is the preposition song.

Next is the presidents song.

Geography Part 1

Geography Part 2

History Timeline- only the first 8 weeks and with the girls about to fall asleep. Hee hee.

Here's Science complete with a mini melt down from Kaitlyn cause she couldn't remember something. :-)

AND there you have it... a bit of what the girls learned in Classical Conversations last year! Pretty wild huh? Angel


Darlene said...

I am amazed at CC... and a bonus: I am learning SO MUCH!!!! You should hear my 2 year old saying "Twopical Wain Fowests." Sponges, I tell ya.

Sarah said...

fantastic .. and they do it with such ease considering the distraction from their sister lol.
Can't remember if I asked you this .. but here goes again. Do your kids ever get really frustrated when they don't get something right, and if so, how to you get them to work it out calmly. Maybe, as you have girls, they don't have the same reaction as my 9 yr old son does if he is frustrated. He can get upset easily if he can't work out something at school for ex. and I'm not sure how the teachers deal with it, I'm sure they are calm but still after K t'il now grade 4 he can still get anxious. If you have any tips you used with your girls please let me know, I really appreciate your guidance. you're doing an awesome job with your kiddo's .. homeschooling might have been a good route for my son .. but unfortunately it's not the road we took and also not so popular here in Canada (Montreal).

Amy said...

I am SO THANKFUL you introduced us to CC. We are HOOKED. And tell your beautiful SMART little girls had they not of stood in my living room showing me all they knew I wouldn't have ever believed it. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE CC! :) And I too am learning SO MUCH! YEAH! LOVE YOU my amazing friend!

Erica said...

Okay I want to know more about CC! I wonder if we have it here.