Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leveling Instead Of Grading

Watched this really interested TED video on game theory and human psychology of motivation. The parts about the inefficiency of traditional grades as opposed to leveling rang true in what I have seen motivate my girls. We already de-emphasize grades and set goals. I am wondering if leveling would be an even better way of doing things! It gives tangible goals and encouragement. Hmmm... interesting. Angel


Darlene said...

yes, hmmmm. very interesting!

Tracey said...

When I was teaching we did a total overhaul at our school...we looked into doing "leveling" but other schools(middle school, High school)/colleges don't recognize that, they need grades to apply to college. Just a thought, you may want to look into it before you go total level (I know the girls are way too young to worry about getting into college:)

Not Alone said...

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