Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Keepin it real...

I was discussing with my friend how easy it is to look like you "have it all together."

It's easy to take a glance at someone and compare my worst qualities with their best qualities and come to the conclusion that I get a big old F- in life.

Here's my thing. I don't wanna be one of those people who makes you feel like you should have an F-!!! I don't want to ever walk around pretending that I've got this thing figured out.

SO! I'm KEEPIN IT REAL!!! Here goes!

1. I rarely cook. When I do cook it's something pathetic like taco meat or something.

2. I MAY wash and dry the laundry but it certainly will not get put away in it's correct location for days, weeks... possibly months..

3. I stay up way too late- complete night owl- and sleep too late.

4. I like food, like a lot, and have to work very hard at not being a complete glutton.

5. I hate surprises.

6. I have been known to plan years in advance for things you can't possibly plan for accurately.

7. I hate dressing up with a passion. A cotton skirt or khaki capris is super fancy in my world. Heels or hose??? FORGET IT!

8. I don't iron. Isn't that what a dryer is for?

9. I rarely fix my hair and hardly ever put on more than mascara and lip gloss.

10. My house is hardly ever perfectly straight. I like things to be clean and fairly organized but it's almost always just a little untidy.

11. I can't stand not knowing what's happening. I can deal with waiting when I know a timeline but am not a fan of unknowns or unknown timelines.

12. Whenever I get into a disagreement with a friend I have a natural tendency to think the whole relationship is done for... it's taken some very good friends to help me in that area. ;-)

13. I feel like a failure on a regular basis in my homeschooling of our oldest daughter. We have had so much to catch up on since she came home at 8 and I always feel like I'm not doing enough for her.

14. No matter how thin or big I am when I see myself I see chubby. Can you say ISSUES?!?!

AND those are just the ones that I can spout off the top of my head!! See??? No one's got it together here! If you were looking for perfect... move along... move along...

:-) Angel


Reba said...

You are too funny. I do admit, I sometimes find my eyes glazing over when I read all you do, thinking, "I am so not that together." The funny thing is that I have friends who are returning to work talk to me because they think I have it all together (raising four kids, keeping house, being a wife, and teaching school). Oh, how little they know. I doubt that insecurity is a big issue with you (or is that a woman thing?) but I had a friend highly suggest reading Beth Moore's book on women and insecurity. I am adding it to my list...

Tara said...

Man...I love your (and Wendi's for that matter) 'keepin it real' posts! It keeps us all 'keepin it real'.... I look up to you (and Wendi) and all that you do. It's easy to forget that you guys are 'real' too!! LOL You know what I mean! I've STILL yet to finish Beth Moores book...I must do that!!!

Thanks Angel for keepin'er real girl!

Angie said...

I have alot of the same issues, Angel. I can suggest to you though, to have your girls put their own laundry away. I start at 5 with having my kids do it. It has been a lifesaver! I even make hubby put his away.

Just remember none of us is perfect. And its all good. ;0)

missy said...

whew! was worried about meeting you at the conference, now i think i can relax...jk.... ;o)

l, missy

Hannah said...

I love to keep it real. It makes me feel so guilty when people will comment that I am such a "perfect" mom. I'll read their comment and then look around me and just sigh. I think I must have finally convinced them that I stink because I don't get those comments either.

Ps: You are not chubby. However, I do the same friend posted a bunch of pictures from our reunion and I am freaking out by how awful I look!

Katie said...

Oh Angel I love you and your realness :) We have alot in common :))

Hope said...

Laundry is supposed to be put up? You mean it's not supposed to just lay on the laundry room table to pick through when you need an item of clothing?! LOL! =)

Layla Payton said...

I DO have a sister! In fact, a TWIN! ;) LOL! Angel, you totally rock, girl. You get an A+. (I do like make-up though...forgive me?)

Deidre said...

Do you have a video camera set up in my house?! I could copy and paste this list word for word!! Thanks for sharing this and letting me know that I am not alone in being real!!

Heather said...

I have the same laundry problem. My laundry has a habit of wanting to stay in the dryer so I just take out what I need each day! You mean it is supposed to be taken out and put away? Wow, the things you learn!

Kimberly said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there who has trouble in the laundry department!

The Busters said...

I love the "keepin it real" posts!! I can relate to a lot of the items on your list. I am not even sure I have a working iron on my house. HA! Good to know I am not the only one. I also think we have a friend in common, Valerie (myowncraftywonderland)! We were best buds in our middle school days!! Small World!

Leslie said...


I noticed a comment you left on Erin Moore's blog about your boy Bikes.... would he happen to be your sponsor son from Kolfe? If so, please email me. lku930 at msn dot com

laura said...

Ahhh, you aren't the only one! I could say almost ALL the same things about me! You are not an F-....sometimes we may feel like it, but in God's eyes we are beyond beautiful!

Erin Moore said...


In fact, double ditto.