Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaitlyn's 1st time diving!

To understand the significance of this video you must understand something... my sweet Kaitlyn is terrified... well, of a lot of things. It's funny really. She'll jump on an insane roller coaster without a second thought and then scream bloody murder walking down a long flight of stairs. Curious little critter- our KK. Water makes her a nervous wreck. Anything that is high up makes her triple nervous. So a DIVING BOARD.... that's a big deal. As you can imagine I am one very proud momma! OH! And- special thanks to Mollie and Justin who are the kind of friends that will sit in a pool cheering for your scared daughter for 10 minutes straight while she works up the courage to actually try a dive. THAT'S a great friend. :-) I had to video tape the 3rd dive. The first 2 took WAY LONGER to accomplish.

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Amy said...

YEAH KK!!!! So proud of you sweet girl!! You are brave- just like your mama! ;0)