Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When Zoe lived in Guatemala waiting for her adoption process to be completed she lived in a very special foster home with a wonderful family that helped her get ready for life in the US. Two other Guataprincesses lived with her in that home for over a year. They were all adopted into different parts of the US. As you can imagine the bond between them is something very special. I became friends with both of their forever mammas and we make an effort to keep that special friendship going.

This week all three of them our in our home having a reunion and tons of giggling fun together! What a blessing that they have this special relationship. Here is a peek at their first night of fun. Special thanks to my momma for making the video.


Kimberly said...

What a lucky group of people you all are. The girls to have found forever families and the parents to have found their kids. God is so good. As someone who was adopted, I love seeing/hearing great adoption stories. God had blessed you in amazing ways!

Valerie said...

Um, HELLO, as a girl who was THERE for their first little birthday party for the three of them -- remember that at the Marriot? -- this photo just about brought me to tears, and that is a dang hard thing to do!!! What beautiful girls they were then, and what stunning daughters of God they are now! This was such a FUN post for me to read! :) I will never forget those memories we all shared at the Marriott.

Angel said...

Kimberly- Thank you! We are so CRAZY blessed. These children are such treasures as you are. Thanks for your perspective. :-)

Valerie- YES!! I remember. What PRECIOUS memories from their first birthday party. OHHH!!! These special girls. They have wiggled their way so deep in our hearts we will never be the same. I agree with you. Those memories are priceless. HUGS!

Poppy said...

The video is so great. The girls seem to not realize that they've been apart.
Their bonding is wonderful and I hope that it continues for life.