Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leveling Instead Of Grading

Watched this really interested TED video on game theory and human psychology of motivation. The parts about the inefficiency of traditional grades as opposed to leveling rang true in what I have seen motivate my girls. We already de-emphasize grades and set goals. I am wondering if leveling would be an even better way of doing things! It gives tangible goals and encouragement. Hmmm... interesting. Angel

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Future Theology Major??? :-)

Kaiya Rain Zhen amazes me CONSTANTLY!!!!!! This is her giving her Polka Dot a bit of a Old Testament survey. What a SMARTY PANTS! The girl is remarkable and precious and full of love and trouble. ;-) Angel

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaitlyn's 1st time diving!

To understand the significance of this video you must understand something... my sweet Kaitlyn is terrified... well, of a lot of things. It's funny really. She'll jump on an insane roller coaster without a second thought and then scream bloody murder walking down a long flight of stairs. Curious little critter- our KK. Water makes her a nervous wreck. Anything that is high up makes her triple nervous. So a DIVING BOARD.... that's a big deal. As you can imagine I am one very proud momma! OH! And- special thanks to Mollie and Justin who are the kind of friends that will sit in a pool cheering for your scared daughter for 10 minutes straight while she works up the courage to actually try a dive. THAT'S a great friend. :-) I had to video tape the 3rd dive. The first 2 took WAY LONGER to accomplish.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keegan Sky's Room!

I am excited about decorating my first BOY ROOM!!! I have been dreaming a little and here is what we are thinking of doing.... It's a African Jungle theme! :-)

I like the paint in this pic. I think we will do the green and giraffe print. How CUTE is that???

This rug is cute....
Maybe a little valance in the window...

Gotta have a HUGE giraffe of course!
Definitely gonna be vines and monkey's hanging from the ceilings.
OH! And a tiger to watch guard at night of course. Whatta ya think?? HUGS! Angel

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our little swimmer!

Kaiya Rain Zhen is turning into a little fish these days. My mom posted this little video of her and I thought you might have fun seeing her "moves." She is quite proud of herself.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When Zoe lived in Guatemala waiting for her adoption process to be completed she lived in a very special foster home with a wonderful family that helped her get ready for life in the US. Two other Guataprincesses lived with her in that home for over a year. They were all adopted into different parts of the US. As you can imagine the bond between them is something very special. I became friends with both of their forever mammas and we make an effort to keep that special friendship going.

This week all three of them our in our home having a reunion and tons of giggling fun together! What a blessing that they have this special relationship. Here is a peek at their first night of fun. Special thanks to my momma for making the video.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Toothless Wonder

Friday this is what Kaitlyn's smile looked like....

Saturday this is what it looked like....

Today this is what we had!!!

At this rate she will be toothless within a couple of weeks! ;-)

We are dubbing her "The Toothless Wonder!"

Hugs, Angel

Kids Helping Kids!

I want to introduce you to a very special young lady named Addisyn. Addisyn is the kind of girl you HOPE and PRAY your daughter becomes... at least if you're like me. She has a heart that is precious and broken for the least of these. She loves Jesus and her neighbor with everything she has inside. I have had the privilege of knowing her for years and even getting to go on a mission trip with her and her WONDERFUL momma. What a JOY to watch her on the move.

Right now Addisyn is trying to do some really cool stuff for some kids in Ethiopia. Would you go check out her blog post and leave her an encouraging comment, financial support or your prayers??

Hugs, Angel

Friday, August 06, 2010

Homestudy update COMPLETE!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!!!!

The homestudy update is complete. Amy from Gladney came over and she is a complete JOY to be around. I felt like a had a very interested and inquisitive friend over. It was much like most of my conversations with my friend Holly. ;-) Dive deep or go home!!

We ended up having great talks about older child adoption, bonding, humanitarian work etc. I just think she ROCKS!

I am SUPER excited to add this to the timeline! We are getting SO CLOSE to shipping that dossier off to Ethiopia. It is now down to 2 documents I believe.... FBI check and I171-H which will be in process as soon as Gladney sends in the homestudy. WOOOHOOO!!!!

Life is GOOOOD!

Now, can I be lazy the rest of the day???? ;-) Angel

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Keepin it real...

I was discussing with my friend how easy it is to look like you "have it all together."

It's easy to take a glance at someone and compare my worst qualities with their best qualities and come to the conclusion that I get a big old F- in life.

Here's my thing. I don't wanna be one of those people who makes you feel like you should have an F-!!! I don't want to ever walk around pretending that I've got this thing figured out.

SO! I'm KEEPIN IT REAL!!! Here goes!

1. I rarely cook. When I do cook it's something pathetic like taco meat or something.

2. I MAY wash and dry the laundry but it certainly will not get put away in it's correct location for days, weeks... possibly months..

3. I stay up way too late- complete night owl- and sleep too late.

4. I like food, like a lot, and have to work very hard at not being a complete glutton.

5. I hate surprises.

6. I have been known to plan years in advance for things you can't possibly plan for accurately.

7. I hate dressing up with a passion. A cotton skirt or khaki capris is super fancy in my world. Heels or hose??? FORGET IT!

8. I don't iron. Isn't that what a dryer is for?

9. I rarely fix my hair and hardly ever put on more than mascara and lip gloss.

10. My house is hardly ever perfectly straight. I like things to be clean and fairly organized but it's almost always just a little untidy.

11. I can't stand not knowing what's happening. I can deal with waiting when I know a timeline but am not a fan of unknowns or unknown timelines.

12. Whenever I get into a disagreement with a friend I have a natural tendency to think the whole relationship is done for... it's taken some very good friends to help me in that area. ;-)

13. I feel like a failure on a regular basis in my homeschooling of our oldest daughter. We have had so much to catch up on since she came home at 8 and I always feel like I'm not doing enough for her.

14. No matter how thin or big I am when I see myself I see chubby. Can you say ISSUES?!?!

AND those are just the ones that I can spout off the top of my head!! See??? No one's got it together here! If you were looking for perfect... move along... move along...

:-) Angel

Monday, August 02, 2010

What Is A Family?

What IS a family???

Is it blood line?

Sperm donation?

Truly, if that's all it is why bother?

A family is love, devotion, loyalty, time, sacrifice...

not who is labeled on a paper tree...

not genetics...

Zoe's been on a mission trip/road trip with her grandparents for a few weeks. This is what happened when the sisters were reunited. It brought tears to my eyes as God whispered, "See, what I can make out of ashes?? A beautiful family..."

Psalm 68:4-6

Sing to God, sing praises to his name;

lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts;

his name is the LORD;

exult before him!

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows

is God in his holy habitation.

God settles the solitary in a home;

he leads out the prisoners to prosperity,

but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.

For Tonya

Loaded these pics for my fellow warrior girl, Tonya, who is living in Uganda where those pesky videos just won't load sometimes!! Hugs to you Tonya for being family to the lonely in Uganda. Ya'll go check out her blog and give her some love!! :-) Angel