Sunday, July 04, 2010

We're a Gladney Family!!

After lots and lots of prayer, consideration and FABULOUS input from all our adoption peeps...

....we have decided to start an Ethiopian adoption through

Lord willing we will be bringing home a little boy!

Thank you so much ALL YOUR HELP!!

Each one of you is DEEPLY appreciated! YOU ROCK!

There are some fantastic organizations out there doing great work in Ethiopia. We are grateful that you are all willing to share your experiences. It made the process SO MUCH EASIER!

We narrowed to about 6 agencies many of you said you loved. Then we looked at our specific needs with those agencies and got it whittled down to Holt and Gladney. In the end it was a draw and we went with Gladney cause it just felt right for us.

SO WE DID IT!! We filled out the preliminary application and sent it in with our family photo. Here's hoping we get accepted. Wouldn't THAT be awkward???? LOL! OOPSIE! Gladney hates us... never mind. OK! Hoping that doesn't happen. Hee hee hee...

So if you'd like to know a little more about Gladney the video below is a cool place to start! One of the things I love about Gladney is their focus on humanitarian efforts for the other 99% of orphans who won't join families. That is super important to me.

Any other blogger families in process with Gladney -Ethiopia out there??? How about just Ethiopia period?? I gotta start my blog stalking STAT!!!!


Cindy said...

We are starting our second Ethiopian Adoption with Gladney. First was with CHSFS.
Also check out my site:
It is a blog stalkers dream : )

Brandi said...


So freaking excited for you!

I think Gladney was a great choice too :-)


Amy said...

Angel...this just ROCKS!!! I am so excited for your family and the sweet little boy who will join you soon! Obviously I'm a bit biased considering my own little Ethiopian wonder that just joined our family from CHSFS. That said, I met Gladney's humanitarian aid distributer in Ethiopia and he is AWESOME!! We went to the Gladney offices and met everyone. It's such a great agency and is doing tremendous humanitarian work in Addis. REALLY, REALLY excited for you!!! Let me know if you have any questions about bringing home an older boy...we are in the learning process but loving every minute of our 4 year old! Will be praying for you guys.

beBOLDjen said...

I don't know how I missed this announcement, Angel, but CONGRATS! Very exciting. And a son! Blessings for the journey! I'm looking forward to following along.

PS- we're heading out to bring home our second son next week.

WendyLou said...

Yup. Not with Gladney, but from Ethiopia. Almost finished with our homestudy and dossier paperwork. Woohoo!!

Joanna B said...

Congratulations! We LOVE Gladney!

jenny said...

Yay Angel!!! This is such great news. I saw you post something to Amy B. on FB about being in process for a little I hopped over to your blog and sure enough the news was true!!! I had e-mailed you awhile ago when you were looking for some speech resources...not sure if you remember me or not. But, we are using Gladney too!!! We got on the waitlist on June 18th and are requesting a girl, ages 0-24 months. SO excited for your family!!!! Can't wait to follow your process.
Jenny C.