Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!! As most of you know I will be at the Together For Adoption Conference October 1st-2nd in Austin, Texas.

This is a GREAT place to start LEARNING about orphan care and adoption. Whether you are just learning about God's heart for the orphan, starting an orphan care ministry or adopting your 10th child there is something for you.

One of my favorite things about going to these things is all the

What is a warrior girl you ask???

It's a term my sweet friend, Brandi, came up with... and it stuck! Here's the definition...

What is a WarriorGirl - WarriorGirls are godly women who have a burning desire in them to fight against injustice. (and maybe sometimes feel a little weird in "normal" social circles cause we just AREN'T NORMAL!) We aren't going to sit by while children die and suffer in abject poverty or oppression. We are standing up as moms, wives, sisters, women to make a difference in our world. This will look different for each one of us - the issues may be different - the areas of passion - and the ways we fight against injustice. All that matters is that we are passionately pursuing the God of justice and seeing His kingdom come in this world. We aren't apologizing anymore. Yep, we are girls - but we are also warriors :-)

Are you a warrior girl??? Did that just describe your heart? Well, then JOIN the crew! The more the merrier. More details on how to get to know the warrior girls at the bottom of this post.
SO ANYWAY!! I thought HOW COOL would it be if all the warrior girls could stay together during the conference and REALLY get to know each other better???  SO WE ARE!! I talked to the WONDERFUL people at Hampton Inn and Suites and they said they would be HAPPY to work with us to make this happen. 
Together For Adoption already has the whole hotel for the conference. So all you have to do is click here.... Make your reservation for The Hampton Inn and Suites. 
MAKE SURE YOU tell them "Margaret told us to let them know we want to be with the WARRIOR GIRLS!"

The conference has arranged a rate of $109 per night. This is a GREAT deal. Especially if you find some warrior girl roomies. :-) It includes free wireless Internet and free hot breakfast. They have a hot tub and a great lobby area to hang out too. If you need a frig and microwave make sure to request a king suite. That may be a bit more... not sure. You simply have to give them a credit card # to hold the room. You can cancel it up to 24 hours in advance so I would definitely book soon. We want all the warrior girls TOGETHER! IT'S GONNA ROCK!! OH and FYI... a big group of us is going a night earlier to go to the Karyn Purvis Pre-Conference Workshop. 

Leave me a comment if you are going to stay with us! I would love to know who's coming. 
AGAIN!! CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON THE HAMPTON! See ya in October friends.
PS!! Are you a warrior girl?? Then come on over and join us at the warrior girl yahoo group. Lots of crazy girls just like us there. ;-)
Click to join IamaWarriorGirl

Click to join IamaWarriorGirl


Tara said...

Totally wish I could go :(

Julie said...

I'm in. I'm going for the Dr. Purvis workshop too so count me in for that night. For those of us rooming together are we waiting to figure out who's bunking w/ who before we call for rooms?

Melinda said...

I am in for the conference, don't think I could swing the Dr. Purvis night however. I will be attending her breakout sessions and can't wait! I am excited to meet everyone and share a room with some great girls!

Melinda said...

I also wanted to know the same thing Julie asked. Let us know if we are picking names to bunk with first before we book.

Recovering Noah said...

I'm going to the Dr Purvis session, but can't make it for the actual conference. :( Will be nice, though, to finally meet everyone!


Stephanie said...

(I got here from t4aCon's twitter... just so you know.) I'm still praying about going to the conference (I'd adore going, but have to wait until I get back to school in about a month to see if I can work my schedule out to come... and God's gotta provide the money & at least one driving companion, because it's a 19.5 hour drive from my school to the conference - know anyone in the Colombus/Dayton, Ohio area that's going? haha.)but if I am able to attend, this wing sounds right up my alley! Is the $109 rate the individual rate or does is it less expensive if you are rooming with others? Just curious. Hopefully there will still be space for me in a month! :)

joven said...

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