Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Little Kaiya Rain Zhen

My little Kaiya Rain Zhen is almost always in trouble of one kind or another. She's usually spilling something, dropping glass, tripping over her own feet or smacking into a counter.

When she's not hurting herself she has been known to attack others.... out of overly ambitious affection or plain out frustration.

She almost always filthy and just doesn't care. She still has potty accidents cause she doesn't have time for things like going to the bathroom.

No matter how hard I work with her it's like pulling teeth to get her to look at the camera!! I mean I'm like the paparazzi and still this is what I get.

She is silly, rambunctious, mischievous, stubborn, loud, dirty and.....


Our God is so amazing to give me this child. Would I have listed out those things as things I WISHED for in my child?? Not so much.... Would I change my Kaiya Rain Zhen??? NOT FOR THE WORLD!! God knew so much better than I did what we needed and we needed HER!

Kaiya is braver than anyone I know. She takes on the world with fearless abandon and is always ready to have an adventure. She embraces EVERY MOMENT in a way that teaches me to LIVE! She is FUNNY and ADORABLE! She makes me LAUGH from deep down inside for her incurable sweetness.

She loves FIERCELY and passionately. She sees the world through such innocent eyes and treasures everyone around her. She never quits- never gives up. No matter how hard something is for her she just KEEPS GOING till she gets it right. She knows how to think for herself and make decisions. She is STRONG... strong, kind and wonderful...

No... I would never want to change this precious gift. Tears threaten to spill as I think of how blessed I am that God would bring me such joy from LITERALLY the other side of the Earth. She is amazing, breath taking. She is a package deal and she is CRAZY wonderful. Love, Angel


Erica said...

Just precious. Amazing how God works.

Darlene said...

What a precious tribute!!!

love her haircut too, angel!!

Hope said...

The spunkiest ones are the most fun, aren't they?

She is beautiful!

Amy said...

Oh how I LOVE that beautiful little girl. And her hair is KILLING ME. I.LOVE.IT. China doll for sure! Hug her for me!!!

tia bek said...

Oh my goodness...a picture of a miracle...thank you and russ for saying yes.

tia bek said...

what a perfect picture of a miracle...thank you and russ for saying yes.

Ellie said...

Kaiya looks adorable, love her new 'do!

Tia has some of those same characteristics - she is very aggressive - if she wants something she will TAKE it. We've had no luck tempering that.

Someday our little YiWu sisters MUST meet. Sending hugs :)

Wendi said...

we love her too! so glad she's part of this big 'ol growing family
and glad she makes my kids seem more normal - ha! lol
even sweet Thomas climbed up all the stairs yesterday and went looking for her - "where Kaiya??" (because he heard me say, "Hi Kaiya!" on the phone) tell her hi from her little CO men!!! and love from the Henrys
see y'all soon!

Rebel said...

Love Kaiya's new bob! Too cute! ... and LOVE the way you describe her perfect personality! FIESTY!!!