Saturday, July 03, 2010

IS IT TIME???????

When you see this picture do you see anything missing????

I'm just putting it out there... I have spent the last 24 hours researching Ethiopian adoption at a break neck pace!! :o)

For about 5 years there has been this little boy with dark skin in my mind. I have prayed he would be mine someday. I don't know how to explain that to you.

We all know I'm crazy and I've accepted that fully-
I clearly embrace my inner crazy.

Still, all the same, there he is. When I see a family picture I can see him there. I often count my kids and try to count 4 of them even though there are only 3 so far. When I plan things for the house or future I almost always refer to our 4 kids. Yes, people look confused when I do that!! :o)

Through the years Russ and I have agreed we felt we had a little boy with dark skin out there.... was it domestic adoption... Haiti.... somewhere in Africa????

A couple of years ago I went to Ethiopia and at the time truly felt we were going to do a domestic adoption for a little boy. I guess we still might... BUT there's this pull- this feeling that our little guy might be in Ethiopia. So right now, I'm going for it. Seeing what's out there and praying for wisdom like CRAZY!

I would greatly appreciate your prayers!! It looks like life MIGHT be about to get exciting around here. I don't know. I guess we'll see.

Just putting it out there,
;o) HUGS! Angel


Gail said...

I'll be praying. He must be out there and God will bring him to you.

The other day a commercial came on with a little boy in Africa. Johanna was asking me about him so I told her, "He has no Mommy and Daddy. We should go get him, right?" She answered, "Yes." "We should bring him home, right?" She answered, "Yes." "I could be his Mommy too." "NO!!" she replied. Guess we aren't ready for a sibling yet. lol

Jaime And Drew said...

How wonderful! I will be praying for you and if I can help in anyway let me know! Our son has been home with us from Ethiopia for 5 months and I have already staying daydreaming of our little Ethiopian girl :)!! I am excited for you!!

Cayle said...

AH! I been reading your blog since Kaiya and was wondering when the next little or big one would come. Even though you said you were finished I was secretly waiting for a little boy in your family. Pray all goes well whether you pursue or not domestic or international.

I will be praying.

Holly said...

Yippee!!!!! Love it!
I would offer to help any way I can but um, well you've been around the get this process!
Hooray for an addition to the family! Hooray for crazy love!

Lisa said...

Oooo, so excited to see where God leads!!! :)

Darlene said...

praying for you all!

Julie said...

I am SO excited for you guys. Course I'm partial to those beautiful Ethiopian kids :-) We'll be praying for the special little boy God already has chosen for you guys!

Tara said...

Yay...absolutely YAY!!!

Claudia said...

The really funny thing about this is that one day last summer I was looking at some pics of your girls snjoying their water slide. As I was looking at them I thought to myself. 'Where were the boys that day?' Then I remembered that you didn't have any boys.
I guess I had the image of TWO dark skinned boys in your family. I'll pray that everything works out for you. Oh, and two at once from Ethiopia is a breeze and really not that much more costly than one. Something to consider.