Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where does it all begin? -Evolution Of A Warrior Girl

When did it start? When did the passion begin for loving the least of these? It's like asking me when I started breathing or eating. It's always been there in a way-kind of core to who I am.

My mom tells me conversations we would have about it when I was younger. I used to cry and pray for hurting children.

BUT there is a moment in time I can point to that the light switch flipped and suddenly life looked entirely different to me.

I was about 14 I guess?? I lived in Germany and had these youth leaders there. They were this precious young couple that served together. We all ADORED them. I, for sure, adored them. They were passionate and fun and full of life.

They did something that changed me forever. They adopted an amazing little boy from Romania.

They saw this little one in need of a family and did something remarkable....they said, "Yes!" They didn't even try to do the biological kid thing.


It was the 1st time it had occurred to me that adoption was about the least of these. It was the first time I got the feeling in my gut that adoption was something God cared about deeply. Something in me responded to that little boy finding a home.

I was home schooled so I ended up bonding with the little guy. I would babysit him on youth leader training trips and stuff. I would play with him and look at him and just adore him... always thinking... where would he be? What if they hadn't said, "Yes?" What would they have missed? Would he have even made it? What about all those sweet little ones they couldn't bring back? Where were they? Would they make it?

In those moments I spent with this precious little toddler from Romania I KNEW that God was telling me to adopt.

It wasn't a question or possibility for me.
It was a deep knowing.

It was clear for me. It became a consistent part of my decision making- even to the point of breaking up with any guy who wasn't open to adopting children.

So when it comes down to it... that's where it all began.

Hugs, Angel


Ann Marie said...

The seeds of adoption were sown early for me as well!

Darlene said...

amazing. one adoption led to 2 more of your own. I remember the moment God planted my seed, (one that he is still working on): I was watching a dateline type show on Romanian orphanages.. it changed my heart.

Jaime And Drew said...

Thanks for sharing!!!! From one Warrior girl to another :) Jaime

Violet said...

I feel like your reading my diary. When I was 5 years old I told my Mom I would have 12 kids but they wouldn't all be mine. When I was 10 years old, I told my Mom I was going to adopt a little girl from Chine. When I was 18, I went to China, and KNEW that someday I'd have a daughter from there, and my youth leader affirmed that in me. Now, I'm 24. And for years I've said that I wouldn't even begin to consider a man who isn't open to adoption. TO me, having a relations ship with someone who says "I don't know" or "maybe" Would be disobedience to God. Because he has CALLED me to adopt. It's a deep KNOWING. So much so that now, it's sometimes hard to be a young single woman getting on her feet and being independent. Because I desperately want to be a mother, and I so want to adopt. I'd love to be a wife, but more I want to be a mother. And, if God leads me that direction, I'd adopt as a young single woman. Since most countries allow this at the age of 25, my Day is coming. Or perhaps domestic adoption will come soon. Who knows. I just know that adoption, is in my future. I know I have a daughter from China, who may not even be born yet. And I have a deep feeling that I have sons and daughters in other countries as well.