Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Night I Tangled With The Tooth Fairy...

PARDON ME!!!!!!! Can someone PUH-LEASE direct me to the Tooth Fairy COMPLAINTS department???? Cause I have a SERIOUS bone to pick with that WICKED, winged little snit of a creature....

Maybe I should back up.

Yesterday our little Kaitlyn Elise lost her 3rd tooth! A special moment. Exciting no?

So we put her tooth in a special little coin purse from China. She was all ready to slip it under her pillow when Zoe began to recount a story SHE remembers about the Tooth Fairy. (When she came home from Guatemala at almost 8 she had lost many of her baby teeth)

I will tell it in her words,

" When I was in Guatemala I remember my tooth fell out. I knew about the Tooth Fairy and I was SO excited! When I woke up my tooth was still there and they said it was cause my teeth were too dirty. The Tooth Fairy didn't want my teeth. So when that happens in Guatemala you have to throw your tooth on the roof and tell the mice that they can have it. Then that night they will come get it."

Well, now... every momma reading this knows exactly what I wanted to do at THAT MOMENT! I wanted to kick some Tooth Fairy TUSH!!!

YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME ON BIG MAN????????????? YOU THINK???????? Such a BIG, BAD, TOUGH FAIRY making PRECIOUS little girls from Guatemala SAD??? Oh... we are NOT FINISHED with this yet. Not by a LOOOOONG STRETCH!

Losing your first teeth as a little girl is a BIG DEAL! It's huge. I hated that this was it for her- the memory she had. Little dreams that turn into sad moments. My momma bear went crazy. So after the girls were fast asleep I took action. I wrote the "Tooth Fairy" (and I use this endearing title loosely) a KIND but FIRM e-mail.

It went something like this....

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am afraid there has been a HORRIBLE MISTAKE! You see my little Krysta Zoe Mirna Aracely was DENIED a visit from the Tooth Fairy through NO FAULT of her own! She had no running water, no tooth brush, certainly no tooth paste.

I can't imagine your intention was cause this lonely little girl in Guatemala to have such pain. Sadly, her memories of the Tooth Fairy are not happy ones.

I hope sincerely that you can help me in righting this HORRIBLE INJUSTICE.

Tonight Kaitlyn has a tooth under her pillow. It seems to me that it would take you very little time to reimburse Zoe for each tooth she was wrongly denied payment for whenever you visit Kaitlyn.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


So this morning Kaitlyn awoke joyfully to see that the Tooth Fairy had indeed visited and left her some money. I asked Zoe to check under her pillow just in case my e-mail had touched the steely heart of the creature.

Lo and behold!!! There it was!!! I had gotten through to him!! He left her a generous amount. SO I told her all about the e-mail. She thanked me and gave me a HUGE hug. I told her I expected that she might be getting more payments in the future for teeth that had been passed over. I informed her that the Tooth Fairy must not have UNDERSTOOD that she had no clean or running water. She nodded vigorously in agreement, then beamed.

There are many wrongs that have been done to this precious jewel of a girl that I cannot right. There are so many injustices I can only pray over.... so many scars I can only HOPE fade with time.

This one- this one I could fix- if only a little. Maybe now her memories when she is a mother to her own children will be of how her Momma threatened to beat up the Tooth Fairy if he wouldn't pay up. Maybe thoughts of the Tooth Fairy can bring a smile and a laugh now instead of a tear.

Sometimes being a warrior is in the little moments that really aren't little at all.

Sometimes they are the moments that mean everything to someone.

I try to remember that.

Love, Angel
PS... I am working towards forgiving the Tooth Fairy though it may require intensive therapy. ;o)


Brandi said...

You are just TOO cute!

Go WarriorGirl - take down the toothfairy - and his brand of injustice :-)

Love you

Kimberly said...

I'm sitting here crying like a cazy woman right now!!! My heart just broke in half when I read your precious daughter's experience with the Tooth Fairy. I'm glad to hear that the Tooth Fairy fixed this injustice ;D She is an incredibly blessed little girl to have Warrior-Girl for her Mommy!!!

Darlene said...

um. Angel.
You are just about the coolest mom I have ever met.

kyr004 said...

Zoe's story of the toothfairy is exactly the story my parents(from El Salvador)have told me. It's so sad but I am beaming with JOY that the toothfairy paid Zoe what she deserves and more.

SomeGirl said...

What a sweet mama bear! Great story!

Wendy said...

Go kick some fairy booty!!!!! (Typed as I wipe the tears from my face)

Anonymous said...

You are a great mama