Monday, June 21, 2010

Me in a nutshell- Evolution Of A Warrior Girl

So as I am beginning this little reflective journey of mine I thought perhaps it would help me to take a look back at where I've been. Really, this is all just very therapeutic for me. Sorry I'm dragging you along for the ride but you are very good company. ;o) I found this video I posted in 2007. It was taken by my bud Chris/CL in Guatemala on a mission trip. If I had to describe me in a nutshell this is it. It's kind of the core of who I am and the highlights of the journey without all the nitty gritty details. Maybe that's not a bad place to start. Hugs, Angel


Amy said...

I remember this interview well. You changed my life through yours. I love you my friend. Thanks for sharing your journey with me and loving me where I am on mine. ;0)

Tara said...

And THIS video for me was my 'light switch flip' moment. I too, always knew there was something, a passion, etc. but this video spoke to me. I knew I could not ignore it any longer.

I still know I am kinda trying to figure it all out...but God is revealing himself to me as I am ready! I'm okay with this!

You ARE one of my heroes have helped me grow so much.

Thank you!

PS...check your inbox for a 'PS' to this comment (that I wished to share more privately)!