Monday, March 15, 2010

Why I Love Classical Conversations!

My last post told what Classical Conversations is all about. This post will cover why I LOVE it!

The people there are TOTALLY normal!! They are just mom's like me who are trying do this home school thing. I will admit to being GREATLY relieved when I met the moms at CC and found them to be down-to-earth and not all wearing jumpers with apples while wearing stern looks on their faces. :o)

I'm NOT alone! Sometimes being on this home school journey can feel lonely if you don't know how to go about. Classical Conversations has given me a community of loving mommas who support each other! On days when I feel like maybe I'm the only one who.... these moms never fail to help me get back on track.

We don't learn, test then forget! That drives me absolutely INSANE!!!! I can't stand seeing my kids work crazy hard on something only to have them take a test and never cover it again. Are you kidding me? Their time is too valuable for that. If I am going to ask my kids to learn something I want them to KNOW it is valuable. At Classical Conversations Foundations information is narrowed down into 3 cycles of info that children will need to know their ENTIRE lives and they focus on learning that information until middle school. CC also plays to their strengths and sets them up for success because the program is built around where they are in their cognitive development. They don't feel frustrated anymore and they BELIEVE that what they are learning is important. No more learn, test and forget it! Oh happy day!

I am still the teacher. Classical Conversations gives me structure, support and motivation but when it comes down to it I AM THE TEACHER! I love that. If I say this week we are not working on our memory work because we have other priorities no one gives me trouble or threatens to fail my kid. ;o) They are here to help me- not take over my job.

It is very flexible. I adore the lifestyle we have with Classical Conversations. CC for the younger kids meets once a week for approx 24 weeks a year. We hang out much more than that but having only that many classes gives us plenty of freedom to do our own thing.

CC does art projects and science projects that I find valuable. They don't just color something... they learn about a particular artist and mimic their style of art. They don't just talk about orchestra... they become a "part" of it. PLUS! Let's get real- I am NOT good about working those cool things in at home.

CC is more than a school. It's a community. Each CC campus is different and has it's own personality which I love. The curriculum is ALWAYS identical at every campus but the way they run things varies according to the desires and needs of the campus moms and director. The one I will be in next year is going to be EXTREMELY community oriented. We will work, play, serve and pray together! We will have science classes, field trips, play groups, mom's nights outs- even a family retreat. What a blessing to become a part of a community of people so dedicated to raising their children to be Godly, educated adults!

I appreciate the highly involved parents. A parent/guardian is required to be in the classes with their children. Their are so many great things about this... Behavior is usually very good. Productivity is high. Parents know what the children are learning. Tutors are not overwhelmed and feel very supported. Moms really get to know one another and become a community.

FINAL REASON! MY KIDS AND I ARE THRIVING! I am nothing short of AMAZED when I see what all these children are capable of learning. When I first saw the materials I really thought, "NO WAY! That is way too hard for my kids." Guess what??? Not by a long shot. NORMAL kids are learning extraordinary things. I am so thankful for CC that I can't shut up about it.

I'm sure there are more reasons I am forgetting... those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head. I guess I'll have to do a second installment if there are too many I have forgotten.

I hope that helps those of you who are exploring this option. Are there any questions anyone has that I didn't address?? :0) HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING! Angel


Melinda said...

I will be joining a local one in the fall and can't wait! I am very excited to see all my kids will learn. The cost is not cheap when you have a larger family, we will have 6 kids in it next year, but as I weighed my options and really learned all that CC covers, I knew it would be totally worth it. The more I hear about it, the more I love! So happy to hear how your family loves it, thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

so you are a CC family for life, well until Kaiya is through high school then? I actually checked into it b/c of your review...but it is pricey at about $1500 and I didn't get if that included books or if that was just tuition...I have to be there with Halle all day...hard with a little one and there is one other concern I had. I will have to PM you about it.
It really does sound great though but a heavy work load for high school and would require a lot on my part, so sadly I don't think we will be going that route. :(
I am so happy that you found it early on :)

Zoe said...

Thanks for the info :)
Sounds wonderful!

missy said...

it really can't be beat, can it? i also love that my cc friends all across the country are doing the exact same thing, so we can talk and share ideas and sing silly jingles together. our big joke is that cc is setting our kids up to win jeopardy or who wants to be a millionaire some day...not to say that the info is trivial. i have two older girls in challenge and i promise you're going to love it just as much. they just started this year w/o the foundations background and it's been wonderful, i am so excited to see sam and levi get into challenge with the foundations background.

Darlene said...

THANK YOU for doing these posts!!! You have such an encouraging spirit, and I always appreciate all of your insights! Still praying about this... but SO SOOOO glad to read these posts.

Flamingo Mama said...

i love this post!! thanks angel. homeschooling is still haunting me. i know that we now have a cc here too! i do have one question...i know how much memory work it is. one of my kiddos has some memory issues. i can't imagine them being able to memorize all of that. do you know if there are any kids with memory issues or learning needs that do CC?
and thanks for the pictures! you know how nervous i am about the jumpers!

Olivianna said...


My husband and two of my teens are at Eagles Nest right this minute. ( and Paul and Barbara Calmes and my father) Is that with you guys? I just got off the phone with him and he said the family there homeschools with CC, so I googled "CC in Guatemala" and found your sight.

Karen Calmes