Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kaiya's Preschool

So what does homeschool look like for a preschooler??? Well, first of all- short. :0) We try to keep it within the bounds of Kaiya's 3 year old attention span. Formal class time for her is only 20 minutes or as long as she is excited about what we are doing. We will stretch it out longer and longer over the next couple of years.

Starting at 4 years old Kaiya also gets to start going to Classical Conversations class instead of the nursery there. So HURRAY! She has already picked up quite a bit just listening to her sisters. ANYWAY... here's a peek at what school looks like for Kaiya Rain Zhen!

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Sarah said...

wow she's super smart! I think it's great to do small "formal" training times, gets the ready for eventually having longer times to concentrated in school.

I love how you have Kaitlyn read a story to her as well, good practice!

You're doing a fantastic job. I'd love to have your feedback on how much work this is, how stressfull it is having the pressure on just you to teach your kids. I find it all so interesting, and had a been able to have more than one child might have considered this method of teaching. So far, my son in grade 3 is having excellent grades but I can definately see some advantages to what you do!