Sunday, March 07, 2010

Classical Conversations With Kaitlyn Elise

This is our first year in a group called Classical Conversations for homeschooling families. It's our first but it DEFINITELY won't be our last. I am so BLOWN AWAY by all that my kids are learning. I AM THRILLED!

One of the things I love MOST is that in CC we don't teach something only to test and have it be forgotten. The curriculum is narrowed down to 3 Cycles of information that students will need to use their entire lives. They start at 4 years old to about 12 or 13 making sure they know that info back and forth. There are games, chants and songs we use to make it fun to learn. It's remarkable how much more my children are retaining. Frankly, it's amazing how much I AM LEARNING!!! :0)

I want to do a blog post on what Classical Conversations IS but for now here is a video of Kaitlyn practicing what she has learned. We are 2/3rds of the way through the school year right now. This video is JUST History Sentences for 2/3rds of 1 year-Cycle 1. We also do History Timeline, Science, English, Latin and Geography. Are you as blown away as me????

I plan to record both the girls in all their subjects during the summer to show what they are learning. Very cool! Thank you Classical Conversations. We are SUPER SIZED grateful for your organization. Angel


Holly said...

um WOW!

Melinda said...

That is awesome! We will be joining CC in the fall and I can't wait!

Polkadot said...


Flamingo Mama said...

imperial what ism? lol that is awesome!

Sarah said...

ok .. I had to pause at 2:59 because I'm blown away by this!! wow, my son is in grade 3 (8 yrs old) and I don't even think he knew their were the seven wonders of the ancient world! Kaitlyn is incredible - hey, you could go on Oprah and she would be blown away too!! Anyway .. keep up the great work, you are going to have incredibly worldly children - I'm totally awed this!!! How long did it take her to learn all this (by singing it I mean) and did she ever get frusterated?