Monday, February 08, 2010

Uncommon Friendship..

This semester I have started my first LIVE Beth Moore bible study in Houston. WOW! Can I just say wow???? Lord willing it will not be my last. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn about the life of David "A Heart Like His" from a deeply gifted teacher live and in person.

There is SO MUCH I am learning. I mean SOOOOOOOO MUCH.

One of the definite themes right now is covenant or uncommon friendship as David and Jonathan had.

MAN! Seeing the way God works- it just brings things into perspective. The relationships God brings into our lives are for HIS glory and HIS purpose and HIS plan... it should be. For so many of my younger years I just thought my friends were for me- like little bonus gifts from above.

Honestly, growing up as an army brat I found it easier to consider friends as bonuses and then when things got hard to go ahead and detach before I had to leave them.

Now you're seeing the sad and pathetic me right? Hey... you wanted me to blog. I promise it ain't PURTY! (Ummmm BTW. If you were one of those friends I apologize. Yeah, seriously. I had some issues.)

That was pretty much my plan. Hang out, have fun, love people but when it started to hurt too much just cut it off quickly.

Interestingly, God then brought certain people into my life I just couldn't seem to shake. It kinda made me mad for awhile. How inconvenient to not be able to just move on when things got rough! :0) I can assure you that I was SO MUCH fun to deal with for these confused and uncommon friends.

I realized quickly that God had put these people in my life and I was grateful. Still I didn't realize what it would mean.

Having uncommon friendships is one of the greatest blessings in my life but it is not always the blessing I expected. I never expected to have uncommon friendships that grow and refine me the way that they do now. I didn't expect this. These relationships are far beyond common.

I see over and over that my friendships have very little to do with what I want and everything to do with what God sees I need. My uncommon friends have very little to do with my plans and everything to do with where God is taking each of us.

These friendships have seasons where they are fun and full of joy. They have seasons where they are frustrating. They have seasons where they are stretching. They have seasons where they are deeply comforting.

These friendships are always changing and entering new phases yet always based on the God who brought us together in the first place.

Who would I really be if I'd had my way? What would my life be if I had continued in a pattern I found comfortable? Would I have become who I am now if I'd avoided a stretching type of blessing?

If I'd had it my way I would have missed out on MOST of the amazing things in my life because of my fear and escapist attitude towards any type of pain.

I am grateful that God in His sovereignty often tells me, "Sweet girl, we are gonna do this MY way... just hold on tight."

Much Love, Angel


Sara said...

Glad to see ya back. you've been inspiring to me in the past and I enjoy your blog, so keep on (although I know time can be short with 3 kids!)

Hardy Baby said...

Glad to see you pop up as a new post on my blog. I have felt the same way as a military brat. I usually gave people 3 good years then we would be moving the next year so you got no more from me. I am so glad that God put wonderful people who would stick with me because I could not have gotten through many situations without them. Gods gifts!!

Darlene said...

thanks for this post. God is really working on me in this area...

Wendy said...

Good to see you alive and kicking!!!

missy said...

can so relate to the detachment an air force brat and now, as a spouse....