Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Long, Insecurity!

So who's read it? What did you think?

A couple of weeks ago I read all 340ish pages of this in ONE DAY! It hit me hard. To be honest the first couple of chapters I wasn't sure if this book was really about me or not... even though I KNEW I struggled on certain levels with insecurity.

As I kept reading- well- I don't really know how to describe to you what happened. God did something huge in me. It's so big I am still having trouble putting words to it. I don't even think I totally get it yet. I am still working through it- trying to process it all.

A couple of weeks ago God took me through about 6 months of counseling in 1 day using Beth Moore and this little book. I guess that's gonna take some time to absorb.

I'd equate it to the way Dangerous Surrender- Kay Warren hit a ways back- for those who recall my tales of throwing that book across the room. ;0) Of course in a totally different arena but it was big.

Anyway, I am pondering whether or not this is something I should share with you gals in blog land. Is there anyone else who feels like maybe this book could be helpful to them?

This is a struggle so much bigger than not feeling pretty today. This is something Satan uses to keep us captive, separate and alone. If you're like me you may find facing this a lot harder and deeper than you originally predicted.

SO!!! If it would help at all I am glad to share my heart- as confused and muddled as it presently is. Let me know your thoughts blogger buddies.

Much Love, Angel



missy said...

doing this with church peeps in april..will let you know.

Tara said...

OH NO Angel...don't do this too me. I just got through Dangerous Surrender a month ago. I'm still buzzing from this book (in fact, I bought 2 extra books to spread around to my friends). LOL I'm definitely going to jump into this book soon....

Michelle said...

After reading your blog post, I have been thinking aobut this book and wondering if it could help me. I finally ordered and it is to be delivered today. I am so excited. Maybe we could discuss? I am not working right now so I an hoping to finish it tomorrow!

Andrea said...

I hadn't thought I would need to read this book. Perhaps that's exactly why I would need to huh? I will have to see if I can get it.
Thank you for sharing!