Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Princess Kaitlyn

Monday, March 30, 2009

Chef Kaiya

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Children's Museum

We recently got to hang with a bunch of special friends at the Children's Museum in The Woodlands. We had SOOOO much fun. Thought I would share the fun! Angel

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Les Miserables

This week I got to go to see my ALL TIME favorite musical with some friends. I have never watched this musical that I haven't cried. I just love it. The music is so powerful and the story of grace beautiful. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! We had a BLAST hanging together. What a great girls night out.

Hugs! Angel

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy Date With Zoe Girl

In our family we do lots of Mommy dates and Daddy dates. We think it's really important for our girls to have one on one time with each of us. We both take this time to teach them special things we want them to know. We also teach them how they should be treated when they are on dates with boys someday FAR, FAR away! LOL!

Sometimes we take them to do really special things. Sometimes we just hang out.
Things like getting a haircut or a trip to Target can be lots of fun!! Renting a movie, riding a bike or flying a kite are extra special when we really pay attention.

I love these memories. Some of my best moments with my girls happen during mommy dates.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My New Look!

I got a new hair cut. I think it really brings out my PERSONALITY!! :0) What do you think?? Hee hee... Angel

Small Victories!

Drinking out of a straw may not be a big deal for most 2 year olds. For Kaiya is a victory! She still has a small hole in the roof of her mouth from when her cleft palate repair was done. It was left there to allow her face to grow the right way. When she is a teen there will be a simple procedure to close it up.

Till then the hole makes it extra challenging to get enough suction to do things like... drink from a straw!!! :0) In fact, funny enough, Kaiya's inability to drink from a straw and most sippy cups has been the only hard thing about her cleft palate. LOL! Big awful challenge huh? We were told that she may not ever be able to drink through a straw until the hole was shut. Well, I guess they didn't tell Kaiya. She has never given up trying and last week she did it!!

She drank from a straw. Now she drinks from one every day and just beams ear to ear with pride. YAY KAIYA!!! You are SO AWESOME! Don't ever let anyone tell you what you are not capable of doing. :0)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids Lake for this month!

I am excited to announce that Kid's Lake is focused on Eagle's Nest in Guatemala this month! I hope you will all give to help them out as they struggle to help the needy children in Guatemala. To donate go to kidslake.org :0) Angel

A word from my friend and fellow RLC leader- Brandi M-

Eagle's Nest is a precious orphanage in Guatemala. Their funding was secure in the past because of adoptions of these little ones. However, adoptions have been halted in Guatemala so these little ones are living at Eagle's Nest for a LOT longer and with very little regular funding! WE get to be a part of their little lives this month!

$20 will provide milk for a little one for an entire month!!!!

'Nuff said, right?! Let's get to it. Encourage your kids to raise, save and earn their money to make a difference. Also, take a moment to check out the videos below. Angel (blogger and adoptive mama) has worked with Eagle's Nest for a long time and can vouch for how they love the children and Jesus! This is a video of her thoughts about Eagle's Nest following her last trip there.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Urgent Need for 357 Children! We need you.

I need your help blogger buddies. 357 children will NOT be ok if we don't DO SOMETHING now. We're not talking luxuries here. We're not talking they will lose their cable or not have nice shoes for school. We are talking NO FOOD and NO SCHOOL! This is NOT OK with me. So not ok... Rapha is an organization that we have verified through Children's Hopechest as a place that is doing a good job. It is a place I am willing to send my money. Red Letters Campaign wants to get behind Children's Hopechest in serving these sweet children. Would you consider helping RLC spread the word about these babies on your blog? I have put a new button on the bottom of my blog. It says SHARE. All you have to do is click that button to share this post on facebook or twitter or whatever! Thank you so much for your hearts to love these little ones.

We've just received confirmation from our new Uganda staff director, Joseph, that 357 children in the Rapha community are out of food and at-risk for losing their school placements (due to inability to pay school fees).

You guys have proven that you understand the dire need for food in Africa where one meal a day is considered a luxury. Just look at how quickly you responded to the February Food Drive! These children are at risk for losing THAT one meal. Currently, there is no food to feed these children.


How important is education? It keeps the older girls out of prostitution and sexual slavery. It prevents boys from becoming child soldiers and criminals. Without the school, the kids would find themselves working in the fields as child laborers, selling whatever they can find in the market, and exposing themselves to even worse exploitation.

Ask an African child--which do you need more education or food? They always pick education. "If we have food and no education, we know we're dead anyway." I take for granted my own children's education here in the U.S. In Africa, it is about life and death for kids, and right now 357 kids are staring at a desperate future. If the Rapha school folds, 357 children will face the "orphan future" of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, slavery, crime, and suicide. We can stop all of that at Rapha today and set them up for a bright future.


These children had no hope for their lives before the Rapha school started. Ruth, the founder of the school, rescued these children the first time. Pulled them from abject poverty and provided for their food and their schooling. Now, that's all at risk. I can't bear the thought of a child leaving the Rapha school and turning to prostitution or crime to survive. I can't consider the potential exploitation of hundreds of young children. And it won't happen if we respond together.

Rapha is one of several Ugandan communities that is on track for full sponsorship later this Spring. However, present circumstances are now threatening 357 children. The founder of the Rapha school and orphan community died unexpectedly in 2008. Since that time money's been tight, and the Rapha school and orphanage have been operating at a deficit. In fact, the teachers and staff at Rapha School are so committed to these children that they have been working for FREE for over 5 months (no money for teachers' salaries)! HopeChest is ready to pick up this funding for the long term--but we need a bridge to get there. It's about $50/kid that we need right now...

Right now, Children's HopeChest is sending out the call to raise emergency funds of $18,054.

Along with the 55 orphaned children that live at Rapha Village, they have a school for 251 other children (Rapha Primary School) as well as pay for schooling for another 51 children (including 6 university students). Total, they provide education and food to 357 children. Your gifts will keep the children's school fees paid and ensure Rapha has enough food to meet their need for the next few months. Also, part of your gift will be used by Children's HopeChest to build a bridge toward sponsorship in Uganda.

Just $50/kid keeps a Ugandan orphan fed and in school until CHC can activate our sponsorship program...can you help?


Please put "Rescue for Rapha" in the notes section of the giving page.

You can help Children's HopeChest build a bridge to more consistent funding through sponsorship. If this is fully funded, it will rescue Rapha from their current circumstances, and also accelerate CHC's launch in Uganda.

Katie, a Colorado woman who lives part time in Uganda, had this to say of the Rapha school: Rapha School was a forest before Ruth came along to bring education, hope, and love through a school and foster village. I have seen Rapha develop from a small papyrus school into a full primary school, farm, and foster family village. The children in Rapha community prior to Rapha school were unable to attend school and thus continue the cycle of illiteracy in thier families! Now the next generation of Rapha community kids will have a chance to succeed in life!