Saturday, November 14, 2009

Phone Blogging with my HTC Hero

I have a brand new phone! I am so excited about it. It's my early Christmas present from my man. Hurray!! It competes with the IPhone but I like it better for a few reasons.1- you can have 6 apps open at once instead of one.2- the Sprint plan is a lot cheaper than the AT&T plan. Also.... not sure about the IPhone camera but the Hero has 5 megapixels. Oh and it zooms in and out.

I really can't begin to tell you about all the AWESOME capabilities this sucker has. For instance...right now I am Blogging on my phone with my Blogger application. How cool is that? Some of my favorite apps are the Facebook app, Twitter, pedometer, amazon shopping app, calorie counter, gmail.... and SO MUCH MORE!!!! Anyway, I am completely sold on my HTC Hero. Maybe I'll even be able to blog more from my phone.;)