Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi, My name is Angel and I was homeschooled...

I was reading this article today about adults that have been homeschooled. It occurred to me that this is not something that I regularly discuss but it is something that has greatly shaped who I am. If you have ever been interested in how us crazy homeschool kids turn out you may find it interesting. I sure did!

So I was pondering.. Why don't I talk about homeschool more? Sure I might show you our schedule but I'm not going to attempt the whole why we chose homeschool for all our children conversation. Mercy no.

Discussing homeschool can be so tricky... mostly because I feel like people get defensive about it. I don't want to make people feel that I am judging the choices they are making. I know so many wonderful parents who have decided to educate their children in a variety of ways. They have FABULOUS families and precious children. I trust that they are seeking God for what their children need.

So there's people that think I am judging them... Then there are people judging me. Why would I want to do that? What about socialization? Yada, yada, yada... I generally just take the Zoe escape route. You know, she didn't know English, no schooling, blah blah... just to not have the judging conversation.

Can we just agree to have a no judgement zone here?

Do you guys ever feel like it's tough to be real about who God made you cause some one's gonna be upset by that?

I've told my BFFs before, "I sometimes walk around feeling like a human disturbance." :0) I do tend to choose a very different path in so many ways. I guess sometimes it makes people uncomfortable.

Often I make very different choices and I feel strongly about things which leads me to the paths I take. Maybe being homeschooled gave me the courage to walk my own path even when people thought it was weird. Who knows!

HOWEVER, I am not under any illusion that the choices I make are always the right ones for everyone. My feeling is that unless the Bible spells it out as right or wrong I'm not going to try to define it. There are sin issues and then there is a whole bunch of grey.

Anyway, it seems I felt the need to spill a little. Perhaps I will even gain enough courage to give my opinions on my own blog. Sadly, it seems I have the courage to take the path less traveled but don't like to admit to it. Hee hee. Hmmmm... guess we'll see.


Hardy Baby said...

I would be very happy to hear all about your homeschooling. I am planning on homeschooling and I get alot of mixed responses from people. I agree that it may not be right for everyone elses family so lets not judge eachother for choices we make for our families. Please talk more about this subject. Melissa

Mandy said...

I'm interested in hearing about your homeschooling and the reason behind your decision to homeschool your girls. I went to a public school and honestly wish that I had been homseschooled. School was great, but I spent a lot of time bored because I had to wait for others to catch up. I know its not for everyone and really do believe that if I had children I would homeschool them.

Hope said...

My husband and I are VERY interested in homeschooling. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Liz said...

That article was so interesting to me, obviously since we have just entered into our 7th year homeschooling. The longer we homeschool the more I love it and am more convinced of our decision. However, regarding your topic at hand I do understand how you feel about the judgement and such, I guess like every other issue in life we will agree to disagree and learn to continue to live in harmony.

laura p said...

Thanks for sharing Angel, I love hearing your thoughts on homeschooling. I too was home schooled (thought not through high school and now we are preK Kindergarden with Mateo. Honestly I just could not send him off to school this year. It is a choice we have prayed a lot about and I really did not want to do it. I was and still am worried about how to do it all well. But we are forging ahead and I am grateful for examples like you and my older sister who now has 5 and home schools 3 that encourage and show how it can be done. Thanks!

Rhonda said...

I am surprised that so many people would judge you for homeschooling. I don't understand why people always think they have the right to judge others. You are an awesome mommy and teacher and you go girl!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear why you homeschool. I can see some pros but I see more cons for my kids. I am a public school math teacher and I've observed too many adults with poor math skills which leads me to worrying about the math skills of older homeschooled kids. I would never judge though...promise.

ellie said...

I love hearing about homeschooling even though we are not and most likely never will be a homeschool family. I think it is an amazing way to raise your family :)

JuJu - said...

go for it - do I need to read that certain Max Lucado devotion we both love so good??????????????
Nothinkg like a good eye-brow raiser to keep folks on their toes - and hey - It is a big compliment to know folks are talking about you - that means they are giving someone else a break;)

Brandi said...

Well....I have NO clue what you mean! I am NEVER judged and am totally normal. I make only choices that EVERYONE understands. I like to do whatever everyone else does...just to walk the easy road.

oh wait...maybe that's not me!

Hehe...Yeah, I get it....And you know what...that's one of my favorite things about you, sweet friend!

From one homeschooled adult to another---

Love you!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

My hubby Chris was homeschooled. So don't feel like you were the only one! :-) IF I had the patience and discipline I probably would homeschool Lyza!