Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Getting Ears Pierced

Last week Kaitlyn decided she was finally ready to get her ears pierced. She had been trying to work up the courage for years. :0) When Kaiya heard her talking about getting her ears pierced she started yelling, "YAY!!! Kaiya ear pierce too!!!" So I talked to her about how it would hurt a little and she was- as usual- FEARLESS! We called Sweet and Sassy to find a time when they had 2 people on duty so we could do both ears at once. The girls were SO BRAVE!! We had a great time celebrating our big girls.


Shonni said...

how cute...we did this with two of ours just a few weeks back...isn't it fun!

Shaina said...

Nice! That's awesome!
I have a suggestion... would you do 'interviews' with all of your girls again? Those are so much fun, and it's easier to see what they're like in action. :)

Tiffany said...

I love watching the video of Kaiya! She doesn't know if she should laugh or cry. Isabella keeps saying "Let's watch Kaiya!" She even had me show her daddy the video when he got back from his business trip! Super cute.