Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chinese Fan Club or Angry Mob???

I just wanted to post and say... well, I'm suddenly getting a lot of comments written in Chinese.

This is ponderous since when I was in China my blog was blocked. I could write on it through the editing portion but could not view it. So I don't know if I have been un-blocked or what. I'm not sure if I am very popular in China now or very UNPOPULAR because I have no idea what all these comments say!

ANYWAY! That is really beside the point.. I suspect these kind readers are having my blog show up translated for them but when they leave comments they do not translate back into English for dumb little ol me.

I have tried translating the comments on Babble Fish- which is of no use at all. I do not feel comfortable publishing these comments when I don't know what they say.

I apologize to anyone who has tried to leave a kind comment and not seen it show up. I am not trying to ignore anyone... I'm just limited to English and mediocre Spanish. Does anyone know a better free or low cost translating service that does a better job with Chinese characters than Babble Fish?


Holly said...

Wow! cool! (I think)
someone has to know someone who can translate for you.
Anyone? Bueller?

Mandy said...

That is cool! Hopefully you can get them translated soon.

Nikki said...

Not positive but I am guessing it is spam. I am having the same thing happening to me. It started just randomly a month ago about, maybe one comment every week or two. Last week I got a comment a day. Really annoying... Unless of course it is a real person trying really hard to tell me something :) I am thinkin spam though!

Anonymous said...

First thing that came to mind was SPAM.

I have heard people are getting their accounts hacked into as well.

Brandi said...

You're not considered "washed up" anymore if you get comments from other continents!!!

Congratulations. . you're back in the game!