Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Addition- Our Ford Explorer

Well, ladies and gentlemen... It finally happened. Our little old van has seen better days. She's still running ok for now but she has a lot of miles. If I drove in town mostly I would probably have pushed her further. With all the road trips the girls and I do without Russ he just didn't feel it was a safe fit for our LONG drives anymore. My wonderful hubby told me to pick out a safe car to buy! I am crazy thankful for a husband who works super hard and saves so that when we really need something we can make it happen.

She's been dubbed "The Roadrunner." :0)

We've had an Explorer before. In fact when we were shopping for the van about 5 years ago we wanted to just buy another one but by then we needed the third row seat and they were only in the brand new expensive models. SOOOO we went with practical and skipped. Now I get to be practical AND get what I wanted!!! HURRAY!!!

We found it on Craig's List and it happened to be a guy that works for Russ' company who was being sent overseas THIS week and needed to get rid of his car quickly. We got an amazing deal. I am so grateful! I am now a HUGE fan of buying cars on Craig's List.

The girls are also big fans of the new "cool car."

Here is KK expressing her joy!

Here it is with the third row seats all the way up.

Here they are all the way down. Soooo easy... Ahhhh... just like magic. Hee hee.

You can also just put one up and one down. Woooooowwwww!! ;0)

Happy me!

Happy Us!
We are so thankful for our new "Road Runner." I am sure she will take us so many super cool places and be full of wonderful family memories.


Amy said...

Okay- now get in that cool new vehicle of yours and bring those beautiful girls of yours to come see me!!!! SO EXCITED for you!!!

Carrie said...