Monday, August 10, 2009

Girl's ONLY Weekend

As many of you know I have 2 very special "covenant friends." This is Wendi then Holly and little old me! These girls are permanent in my life and have been there since we were just starting out in college. Thank you Lord for friends like that. This weekend we got to hang together and catch up. We try to do that a couple of times a year but this time we'd managed to let a whole year fly by!

These are the women who have always been behind me... when things looked great.. when things looked scary... when we were doing things most people thought were crazy. These girls have ALWAYS believed in me will always have my back.

We had a great time giggling and getting pretty toes. More than that we had a great time sharing our hearts and struggles and triumphs.

You see this year we will fight another fight together. Our Holly has breast cancer. She is full of courage and trust in God and she is not alone. She couldn't shake us for all the world. We are behind her every step.

I want to dedicate this video to my amazing sister Holly and her amazing husband Jamie. It touches my heart so deeply. This Woman's Work... I love you Holly. You are held. Love, Angel


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Rhonda said...

How fun, love the post. Sending many prayers, thoughts and hugs to Holly for her courageous battle.

_ said...

thank you sweet friend for sharing this...made me cry again.

Amy said...

We have been PRAYING for you precious Holly. You are beautiful inside and out. Sending our love your way and knowing that as you walk this journey God will carry you though it. Love you girl!!