Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Day At OUR School!! :0)

Lots of you have expressed interest in how school works at our house. To tell you the truth it changes a lot based on what the kids are interested in learning or what we are interested in teaching them. However, this might give you a peek into school at our house!

Here is our high tech way of keeping organized! A $10 dry erase board from Wal-mart. School takes us between 5-6 hours depending on how much we want to get done that day. We do school year round but we don't do school everyday. I love the flexibility.

I write down the things we need to accomplish in different areas.

Then I number them in the order we want to accomplish them that day.

Here's mommy's separate to do list.

We do our quiet times out of this Bible. Lately we've just been reading through books of the Bible a chapter at a time and discussing them.

We love out loud reading time from mommy and the girls. Right now we are reading this. We'll watch the movie when we finish and then do a writing project about it.

We have been doing some Saxon Math and we also love timeforlearning.com We throw stuff together however we think it works.

We also try to do lots of writing!

Here are the girls working on their Classical Conversations history timeline. They are doing so great!

Here we are doing some Science on "Extreme Weather." We love Discovery Kids Ultimate Guide To The Awesome. We often work it into our Science program. We love to write down our favorite facts and share them. Then we can write paragraphs about a subject or make a book about something. FUN!

Right now the girls are reading "Sarah, Plain and Tall" out loud.

They like taking turns reading to each other.

The girls are working on their Classical Conversations math songs... skip counting/multiplication tables.

The girls are working on their own Charlotte's Web stories since that was our last family story.

Here is Zoe reading her story.

Zoe and Kaiya are doing their "workout." When it's this hot we have INDOOR workout/playtime or swim time!!

Well! Hope you enjoyed school at our house!! We just LOOOVE it!


Anonymous said...

Angel, this is inspiring! Really like the combination you've got going there especially the reading out loud and then the movie! Hugs! Mia momma

Nichole, Mia's Mommy said...

Ok this is just FREAKY! You may not even have known I existed but used to read your blog when Zoe first came home. Then life happened and I shut down and left the net all together. Now I am back started a new blog and joined networkedblogs on FB and Found You! That is SO WEIRD to me lol. I guess I am meant to read your blog lol. So belated congrats on Kaiya she is beautiful and Kaitlyn and Zoe have gotten SO BIG!!

Sarah said...

you're doing a great job, what an inspiration you are. Must be hard work but at the same time extremely gratifying and you must see amazing progression with your kids in a short time. Zoe is doing so well in reading/writing .. you must be so proud of her. you have done an awesome thing for her .. you gave her such hope for her life! awesome!!
Sarah (montreal, Canada)

Darlene said...

As always, looks like fun to learn at your house!