Monday, June 01, 2009

Feed The Forgotten

My dear friend Brandi very recently visited Uganda. She is one of our leaders at RLC and will soon be helping us officially "Launch Uganda" and bring sponsorship and aid to so many orphans and widows. What Brandi saw there was mind bending. There is a hunger crisis going on that you and I can't begin to understand while we wait in line for our fast food. One of her posts really struck me as a mother- particularly as an adoptive mother I have had these thoughts. I hope you will check it out and then read on to see how we can help for only 14 cents!

I have copied the post below from Brandi's blog...

Too often we hear heartbreaking stories like this (that I posted on Saturday) and do nothing. We feel helpless. . . and so we move on. Not this time. There are people DYING in Uganda right now. There are children who's bellies are hungry and aching. There are mamas who are too weak to stand and babies begging to be held. There are people trapping termites hoping for food and eating dung in helplessness. DO NOT CAVE TO DESPAIR. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING.

Join us and Children's HopeChest to FEED THE FORGOTTEN!!! (CLICK HERE TO GIVE NOW) (note: please write FEED THE FORGOTTEN in the notes section)

For $0.14, we can (and WILL) feed someone a meal of posho and beans. (posho is cornmeal, which is filling and beans are protein). Take that in for a moment. . .

$0.14 a meal

$2.86 for 20 days

$1 per FAMILY

$20 feed a family for 20 days.

How much was my Chick Fil A yesterday? How much is your Starbucks? The bigger question is how much am I willing to give up SO THAT OTHERS MIGHT EAT?

Remember Jesus story of the Good Samaritan? Remember how his very neighbors walked right by him? They probably looked at him with pity. . .probably thought "oh poor guy, that breaks my heart" but the fact is THEY DID NOTHING.

What will you do? These children are starving. . .

these actual children. . .

will you help? The money raised will feed those precious children. There are 3 - 4 villages that we are targeting (I'm hoping for more after we see how much we can raise!) to bring food relief to asap. These people are literally starving. . and waiting for you to act. Will you help?

Even with paypal fees (2-3%) even $1 will feed 6 people! You CAN make a difference.

Spread the word, blog about it, facebook it, twitter it, ask your church or school or business to give, post the blog badge anything. Truly, we are begging you. . .on behalf of these children not to forget this post and move on to the next in your google reader list. Stop, pray, act.

(note: please write FEED THE FORGOTTEN in the notes section when you give)

Thanks so much for caring about these children. To get the blog badge above for your blog just click on it and you can get the embed code from Brandi's blog. If you feel this is an important subject PLEASE feel free to copy this post for your own blog or push the share button below to share it on your facebook page. You are much appreciated!! You DO make a difference. Every 14 cents we sacrifice means a meal. HUGS! Angel

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Jo Jo said...

Thank you, Angel. I will do my best to spread the word to help these beautiful families in Uganda.