Thursday, May 07, 2009

San Antonio Getaway

A couple of weeks ago I surprised my girls with a trip to San Antonio. We swam, hung with some cousins and spent some time at Sea World! It was a great mini-vacation.


Kristi said...

Pack'em up I told ya!! I'm coming to get them!!! :-) I just love your kiddos Angel!! I want to meet ya'll in person!!

Love and Hugs -

Flamingo Mama said...

you guys have so much fun! i love it!

i'm signing up sha sha for time4learning tommorow! we are going to work over the summer. we are still planning traditiional school next year but you've really inspired me and i'm considering other options more than i ever have before:)

Anonymous said...

Zoe looks like a wonderful big sister! And look how TALL she is now!!


Brandi said...

So fun! . .and I want to go on vacation with Polka Dot! Your mom looks like such a blast!