Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Orphan Summit

Last week Russ and I were able to attend the Orphan Summit in Dallas. It was an amazing event. I highly recommend going. Next year it will be in Minnesota April 29-30th. I'm planning on being there!! It was also such a joy to meet so many people who were blogger buddies for years or who I knew through the grapevine because of the work they do with orphans. It was a great event and I can hardly wait till next year.


Thankfulmom said...

Wonderful! I hope to see you there next year.


Amy said...

It is great to be with likeminded people. :) I'm looking forward to next year, went last year but needed to stay home this year.

It is amazing what people are doing for the orphans around the world and yet there is still so much to be done... with the Lord's guidance!

First Discoveries said...

Wow! I didn't know it would be in MN next year. I"ll be there for sure!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we may be writing to the converted here, but anyway, please see >


jody said...

stole the picture. thanks. :-)
such fun meeting you...we look forward to our paths crossing again.

Brandi said...

I'm SO jealous!!!!!! If I am still living in the US next year at this time. . .I'm SO there!

hehe LOVE YOU!