Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meeting Shamu

I absolutely love capturing that first sight of Shamu!!! It never fails to get a fun reaction from the little ones. Kaiya did not disappoint. She was amazed at Shamu!


Polkadot said...

:)...You my Dear are an AMAZING mother....Thank you for bringing these little jewels into so many people's lives. loves and hugs
Mia Momma :)

Anonymous said...


i have the funniest thing i want to e-mail you, about texans ;) i'm your "neighbor" in San Antonio ;) after the clip you posted about the governor, you will surely appreciate this ;)

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you will love it!!

Anonymous said...

oh p.s. just delete that last comment with my e-mail and this one ;)

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh, those are so adorable. I love watching their faces when they see something so fun and the cute expressions are priceless. What a fun time :-)

Brandi said...

LOVE it!