Monday, April 13, 2009


Last year I went to Africa and met a lady that changed my perspective on life. I think of her as the Mother Theresa of Ethiopia. I truly love this woman. The day I met her and saw her need and the vision God had given her I decided I WOULD find her help. Through God's amazing timing and intervention Red Letters Campaign has partnered with Children's Hopechest to help this precious woman. Children's Hopechest is currently looking for a large sponsor church for her children and helping as they can.

While she waits though we can send her some extra money to let her know we are behind her and what she is doing to change Ethiopia. Tom Davis leaves Thursday to go to Ethiopia so he has to have the money QUICKLY. He is going to visit her and give her all the cash we can raise.

This is HOW Hanna survives and feeds all these children. She WAITS for God to provide through people like you and me who have SO MUCH! Can you spare a few bucks? To give click here and comment that this is for Hanna in Ethiopia!! Please feel free to share this video or info in whatever way you would like. Let's get some kids taken care of ASAP!! To learn more about why I love Hanna please watch the video below. To read more about how Hanna helped me become "gloriously ruined" you can click here. :0) Love, Angel

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