Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Dedication

Last Sunday we had a family dedication at our church.

We had not had the opportunity to dedicate Zoe or Kaiya.

It always felt kinda awkward to sign Zoe up for BABY dedication.
Well, The Sanctuary Fellowship doesn't do baby dedication since they- 1. are very into fostering and adoption 2. think you should be dedicating your family and not just your kiddo.
I had never even considered that it could be done differently.
It meant so much to feel like my kids weren't excluded from a special tradition because they weren't babies.
What a special moment for all of us.
Isn't it weird how little things like that can mean so much?
Even cooler was the fact that my friend who is adopting kiddos as well was there too so we weren't even the only adoptive family.
I love my church.
It's nice that who we are just feels normal there.


Hope said...

That is so awesome!!

Mandy said...

That is incredibly awesome. Its so great that you found a church you are so comfortable in. I've never found that, except for when I was in college. What a great place to raise the girls.

Thankfulmom said...

It is a tremendous blessing to find a church that is just right for your family. I'm so happy for you!


E said...

How Wonderful! The girls look better get some really good door locks...the teen years will be here before you know it (sorry), and Zoe is too gorgeous....and Angel, you look like one of the kiddos!

(I'm off to China in 10 days...woo-hoo!)

Pam said...

ah what a blessing! Our church just doesn't seem to "get" it. *sigh* I suppose there is always hope.
How blessed you are to have such an understanding and active church family! Awesome!

Darlene said...

What a beautiful dedication! Your pictures are wonderful.

This post reminds me of something I just heard on a Beth Moore video about Unity in the Christian church. More or less she said, "May the signs on our church doors let others know that we might worship this-way or that-way, but may they never be ways to keep people out."

I just love diversity in the body of Christ. Our church does not do 'dedications,' and we have very traditional services... but I praise God that he loves all of the Church. Just like we love our own children... even though they are so different.

Blood siblings.

I am so glad you have found a church home that FITS. That is such a blessing. May it feed your spirit so that you can continue to 'feed' others, sweet friend!

Congratulations on dedicating your precious family to our Lord and Savior!!!

Amy said...

I loved the comments about your church. We are blessed to have a church that champions the orphan also and it does make us feel right at home. What a blessing our chruch family has been also in the area of prayer support.

Erin @ T5M said... church, not so much. But praying that God will use me to help turn that around! planning to talk to my pastor this week about sponsoring an Ethiopian Orphanage through CH. Pray for me!

Rhonda said...

that is too awesome and I so loved reading all about it. Your church rocks. Wish you were closer