Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids Lake for this month!

I am excited to announce that Kid's Lake is focused on Eagle's Nest in Guatemala this month! I hope you will all give to help them out as they struggle to help the needy children in Guatemala. To donate go to :0) Angel

A word from my friend and fellow RLC leader- Brandi M-

Eagle's Nest is a precious orphanage in Guatemala. Their funding was secure in the past because of adoptions of these little ones. However, adoptions have been halted in Guatemala so these little ones are living at Eagle's Nest for a LOT longer and with very little regular funding! WE get to be a part of their little lives this month!

$20 will provide milk for a little one for an entire month!!!!

'Nuff said, right?! Let's get to it. Encourage your kids to raise, save and earn their money to make a difference. Also, take a moment to check out the videos below. Angel (blogger and adoptive mama) has worked with Eagle's Nest for a long time and can vouch for how they love the children and Jesus! This is a video of her thoughts about Eagle's Nest following her last trip there.

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Melinda said...

Hi Angel,
Is it possible to do mission trips to Eagle's Nest for church's? I am looking into do a mission trip in 2010 and was thinking either Guatamela or Haiti. Any info you could pass along would be great.