Monday, March 30, 2009

Chef Kaiya


Holly said...

You have the most beautiful girls...inside AND out.
Maybe you need some boy-charm in that estrogen-filled house?
I'm just SOMEDAY!
Love the cutie chef pics!

Amy said...

I would pretty much eat anything that little cutie pie cooked for me! :0) Love you Kaiya! Amy

nora said...

She is too sweet - I often check in to see what you all are up to and how Kaiya is doing. She looks like she is growing up fast!

Rhonda said...

the last picture left me chuckling as she's like how to I open to get to that yummy stuff inside!!

Nonny said...

What a cutie - she can cook with me anytime. I think I will need her help icing cookies next time they come.