Friday, February 06, 2009

My hubby in a nutshell. 25 things about Russ...

My hubby and I were tagged to write 25 things about ourselves. Thought you would have learning a few things about my awesome man. :0) So here's Russ' 25 things.

1) I have fainted watching a video on birth ... feel faint even talking about it - kudos to all you women who have done that

2) I feel that I am accomplishing everything I've set out to do in life and Angel is my inspiration for all of it

3) I graduated from high school having read only ONE book and I did that one for extra credit in 10th grade ... to this day, that is the only fiction book I've ever read

4) I love books though - mostly books on financial or economic theory, global political / cultural study, and books studying on human logic - yep ... nerdy stuff

5) I eat way too much Chipotle ... AS IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE

6) I have a passion for serving the most vulnerable around the world and I lead with friends a non-profit online community fighting poverty (Red Letters Campaign)

7) I'm a complete sucker to my three little girls

8) From 1998 to 2005, we moved on average every 8-9 mos., but have lived in Houston three times

9) My favorite place to live was Seattle

10) My favorite vacation is renting a private beach house at Playa Del Secreto in Mexico during turtle season

11) For 4 years, I sniffed about every 15 seconds while awake (ANNOYING AND EMBARRASING). After three doctors telling me I needed surgery, my chiropractor discovered that I am just sensitive to gluten. After 2 weeks off gluten, sniffing was gone for good - Now I'm 2 years sniff free

12) I've been learning about web design and coding on the side and I want to learn video editing next

13) I believe life gets better as I get older and wouldn't prefer to go back to any point in my life ... though I do wish life would slow down

14) I am a very shy person ... to the extent you think that's wrong, it's only because I try VERY hard not to be

15) I have tripped while shaking the hands of both George Bush 41 & 43 on separate occasions

16) I am cheap about most things and don't want much, but I splurge on vacations

17) I lived in Seattle, but don't like seafood or coffee (occasional exception for white chocolate mocha if that qualifies as coffee really)

18) I commute 1 hour and 15 minutes (50 miles each way) to work

19) I got married the weekend after graduation from Baylor and have been married for almost 11 years - what a woman I have :o)

20) I have an adoptive family with a biological daughter (Kaitlyn - 5), and two adopted daughters (Zoe - 9; Kaiya 2) - I melt for all three and they all know that very well

21) I think I have the best close friends in the world ... thanks so much guys

22) Angel and I still hope to move to Qatar

23) I still cry every time RUDY sacks the quarterback at the end of the movie

24) I randomly think of quotes from Office Space to cheer myself up regularly

25) I stay so busy working or learning that I often forget to consider others

That's me in a nutshell

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Mel said...

Excellent!! What a guy