Friday, February 06, 2009

Me in a nutshell... 25 things about me.

OK I think I have been tagged 25 times now so I am caving!!! LOL! :0)

1. I grew up an army brat so I moved a lot. I loved seeing new places and experiencing different things but I got tired of starting over sometimes.

2. I was determined not to marry someone in the army because I didn't want to move as much anymore. Then I married Russ and we moved an average of every 8-9 months for many years. So much for escaping army life. At least I got 3 years at a time in the army!! LOL! Well, I actually ended up loving our adventures.

3. I have already lived in Germany, Mexico, Tennessee, Maine, Michigan, Washington and Texas. In the future Russ and I would like to live overseas with our children. Russ' job will require that he eventually go abroad for a few years. We would love to go to Qatar or Brazil or Turkey or something like that.

4. I have traveled to a lot of places... OK here goes.. places I've Germany- East Germany before the wall came down- WHILE the wall was coming down (actually chipped rocks out of the wall) and after the wall came down, also been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Holland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Lichtenstein, Italy, Ethiopia, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Austria and lots of US places including Hawaii.

5. I adore Mexican food. In fact I could probably eat it every meal and not be a bit bothered. I actually love a lot of things about the latin culture and loved living there on an exchange program in college.

6. Russ and I got engaged after we had known each other for 4 months. 2 of those months I was in Mexico. :0) I was 19 and he was 20. We were engaged for 2 years.We have grown up together and I would never trade that.

7. I can not STAND the cold. In fact I am ALLERGIC to the cold. I am SOOO not kidding. I actually break out in hives when I get too cold. It's awful. So you can guess how I felt about living in Michigan. This girl was definitely made for sunshine.

8. I went to public school from kinder through 5th grade, I went to private school in 6th grade then we moved to Germany and I was home schooled until I graduated. I have also taught public school and private school. Now I home school my children. :0) I attended college at The University of Mary Hardin Baylor and graduated early. I was married to Russ my last semester of college.

9. Russ and I met in a play at college. I was a drama minor and Russ needed one spare fine arts credit and planned to do back stage work. I also worked for the head of Drama at UMHB. Soooo one drama class I was covering for the professor who had an emergency dentist visit. She said to have the students read and practice for auditions. The play was "Little Women." When I got there I immediately saw Russ. I thought, "He is WAY cute...but he probably isn't even literate as he is sitting with all the soccer guys." Sorry, I love soccer boys but that's what I thought. Anyway I asked him to read for the part of Laurie (the lead guy in Little Women) and he KICKED BUTT! I was shocked. Cute and literate... hmmm.. So anyway, Russ thought all the reading was just part of the class but the prof gave him the lead role! He was going to turn it down but I got the role of Amy who marries him in the play. So he stayed in to hang with me... and... well we got married.

10. Russ says that I asked him out on our first date. THAT is a bunch of HOG WASH! I have NEVER asked a guy out. Ridiculous. I have been a total rules girl since birth. I simply provided ample opportunity for him to ask me out. The guy was SO STINKING SHY that he needed a wide open door.

11. The day Russ asked me out on our first date- and he did ask ME out- HUSH RUSS- I had decided if I gave him the hint and he didn't ask me out FINALLY then I was DONE waiting around on him. He was a slow mover and was starting to get on my last nerve. I was convinced he must like this other girl instead of me.

12. Almost everyone knew I was getting engaged before I did. Russ decided to ask me to marry him while I was living in Mexico on an exchange program. The sweet man can't keep a happy secret to save his life so everyone ended up finding out. He had to ask me the night I got back so I wouldn't find out from someone else. I was SHOCKED! I of course already knew I would marry him but we had only been dating 4 months. He carved our initials into a tree on my parents land and wrote and framed the most beautiful letter. It is a precious memory. Oh yeah... and it was night and he had the headlights on so I could see the tree he carved and then the car battery died. We had just gotten engaged and had to call my dad to come and rescue us. That was funny.

13. I used to be a very good country dancer in high school. I could do a mean two step and jitter bug. I could also swing dance fairly decently. It was a fun phase. I really don't even listen to country anymore and definitely can't dance.

14. Even though I was home schooled I went to prom my freshman, junior and senior year. I actually went to prom my freshman year in a castle in Heidelberg, Germany!

15. In high school I did competitive English dressage horse back riding. I owned an Appaloosa gelding and rode almost every day. I could even take off bare back through a field. Now I am pretty sure I would fall off the horse even with a saddle. :0) OK not really but I can't ride like that anymore.

16. I have known since I was about 15 that I was going to adopt children. My youth leaders in Germany adopted a little boy from Romania. I took care of him a lot and just fell in love with him. I used to ponder on what might have happened to him if he hadn't found his home. That's when I knew my life would include adoption.

17. Adoption was a major part of my dating criteria. If I liked a guy I would always ask how he felt about adoption. If he said he didn't feel he would want to adopt he was OUT LIKE TROUT! NEXT!!!!

18. I loved living in Seattle, WA. I loved the camping and the hiking and the mountains and all the places you could travel to so easily. I loved the fruit and flowers and wild life. It's wonderful. The housing prices, lack of decent tex-mex and drizzle kinda stunk but it was tolerable. If I could drag all the grandparental units and friends up there and keep Russ' job- well I would love it. Can we merge Seattle and Texas please???

19. I am a total night owl. I am so dedicated to this cause that I have put much effort into training all my children to sleep late. My children rarely wake before 8 or 9.

20. I adore traveling and seeing new places. I like learning about different cultures and having my mind bent around something I didn't quite understand before.

21. I am passionate about helping the least of these. I co-founded The Red Letters Campaign with my hubby and some friends of ours. My vision is that when my children are older I will spend a lot of my time hosting trips to countries all around the world to introduce people to the issues that our world is facing.

22. I believe we will adopt at least one more time. I feel in my gut that I will have a little boy someday. I just look at our family pictures and it's like I can already see his precious little face there. It is totally NOT time yet. I think it will be quite a while before we bring him home but in my heart I have a son with gorgeous dark skin.

23. We are able to have biological children. I know that is a question people have but feel weird asking. We prevent pregnancy because we want to grow our family through adoption. While I ADORE the product of my pregnancy- my diva Kaitlyn- the pregnancy itself was nothing I need to repeat. Adoption has been one of the most amazing, life altering things in our lives. So, if God surprises us with a pregnancy we will rejoice. (once we get over the shock) However, we do not plan to have any more biological children.

24. I don't like big parties where I don't know everyone. They make me a nervous WRECK! I am just not a party type of person. I would much rather have a smaller group of people I can really get to know.

25. My husband is my absolute best friend. I am so stinking crazy about him it's ridiculous. We have been through some really hard times together but I always knew we would make it. I can't even begin to picture my life without him. He's the best gift God has ever given me. My life is everything I could ever hope for because of who we are together. When we got married we didn't stop living or chasing our dreams. We just started chasing them together. I pray that I will grow into the kind of wife I want to be. I am thankful for a husband who cares enough to change with me. I love you soccer boy- always.


ellie said...

It was fun reading all about you - I am the same way about parties, they make my blood pressure go way up! and I felt exactly like you about a missing little face whenever I looked at our family photo - but now ours is complete :) I look forward to seeing how God completes your family. It is so exciting!

Mel said...

I love learning more about you!! It is so awesome.

Rebel said...

Insight... cool!

I had friends that left Jakarta and moved to Qatar... they really liked it... very different... but good.

I did not know you were an army brat... you could give me some insight on what my children will grow up and think about their childhoods... :)

Jane said...

I didn't know you were an Army brat either! I was too...AND married Army. Lived in Germany twice and was at the wall the weekend it came down. You've been a few more places than me...I haven't been to Asia at all! Love the story of you and Russ. Now I have to read about him below!

Julie said...

How do you train your kids to sleep in? Instead I've trained them to entertain themselves until I wake up which I guess is just as good :-)

Tara said...

You're too sweet. I too have been tagged (okay, maybe only 15 times) many times too. I've been working on my list for 3 days now - and I'm only at #11!!! LOL maybe I'll finish it in 25 days!!!

Flamingo Mama said...

i always love reading learn so much about a person! thanks for caving!

Carrie said...

Oh Angel, you are so special, so funny and so honest! I love you, and we have more things in common than I thought. I can't wait to see how your life unfolds over the years. And can't wait to see your little son....:) They seem to come sooner than you plan, my friend.

Carrie in Oregon