Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kaiya knows all the important words!

It cracks me up when I discover how much Kaiya has locked in that cute little head of hers. This morning she popped out with words I didn't even know she knew yet. It cracked me up. This is how our conversation went this morning...

Kaiya- Momma, hungry.

Me- OK.. you want an apple with peanut butter?

Kaiya- NO!!!

Me- OK... you want a cheese taco?

Kaiya- NO!!!

Me- Well, how about a banana?

Kaiya- NO!!!

Me- Well Kaiya. What DO you want for breakfast?

Kaiya- CAKE!

Me- Cake? Did you just say cake?

Kaiya- Yes, CAKE!

Me- (totally giggling) Kaiya, no cake right now.

Kaiya- CANDY!

Me- (now really laughing) Did you just say CANDY???

Kaiya- Yes, CANDY!

Me- Kaiya baby. I'm sorry. You can't have cake or candy for breakfast.

Kaiya- WHYYYYY???

Me- Kaiya, you can have some cake later. Cake is a special treat. You need to eat good food right now.

Kaiya- OK....

I adore this kid. :0) Angel


Nonny said...

How funny! I'm with Kaiya - chocolate cake is the breakfast of champions - it worked for my boys! Although their favorite treat was hot brownies for breakfast - would Kaiya settle for hot brownies? I bet she would! Oh, how times have changed - not even I can eat cake or candy for breakfast anymore.

Mandy said...

I agree with Kaiya, sometimes you just need to break the rules and eat cake for breakfast! =)

Darlene said...

love that pic. She sure is a cutie!

Shonni said...

That little girl is so darn cute!!!!!

Shonni said...

That little girl is so darn cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, How adorable!!!

Tessa said...

I would have to agree - cake and candy are definitely important words - especially for breakfast. :)

Scott and Carolyn said...

Her picture is so precious!!! I love the smile and the little pink outfit!! She looks so happy all the time! :)

TOO CUTE about breakfast!!

ellie said...

so cute :) she is amazing! that is so great that her language is exploding. Tia wants tandy all day long!

MelanyTN said...

Oh my goodness - she is precious! I love your blog and wanted to comment mainly to tell you that you have a beautiful family!! And thatI love cake for breakfast.