Thursday, January 15, 2009

High/Low Thursday!

Michelle over at the Rigg's Family Blog is doing High/Low Thursday and I thought it sounded like a good gig. So here goes... my high and low for the week.

My low- My emotions sometimes annoy me. I wish I had better control over them. Nothing horrible has happened this week. It's been a pretty good week all in all. Yet, all of these things have been getting to me.

Kaiya hid my car keys and I can't find them ANYWHERE!! I looked for a LONG time and even dug through the trash. I had to cancel all plans for yesterday. Couldn't leave- no car. Russ said he would try to go by but couldn't get off early enough. SOOO here I am today. He was going to get off extra early today and go by- yeah no can do.. So tomorrow.. PLEASE tomorrow. I would love to have my car back.

Kaiya has been a real 2 year old this week. She is a DURN stubborn little thing. Sometimes I do so good and then sometimes I am just snappy and sharp. ACK! Why can't I be a perfect mommy?

I am SORE! SORE! SORE! SORE! I have started working out again after WAY too long NOT working out and I feel it. I also feel a bit more tired than usual cause I am not used to it yet.

IT'S COLD!! Cold makes me want to sleep all day.

Abby is on my mind a lot. I guess you could say compassion is a gift for me but it can sometimes leave me in a hard place. I don't know how to deal with some stuff- like this. It's stuff I can't get, can't process, can't change and can't shut off. It's like it just lingers on the edge of my mind.

All of this to say- I've been on the edges of gloomy the past few days. I just feel heavy inside. I get frustrated that I am not better at compartmentalizing. I want to be able to put things aside and just ENJOY where I am RIGHT NOW! Sometimes I manage that- many times I don't.

My High- Family member had a great interview. Really excited for them!

We got some new wires and figured out how to run the Internet through the tv and speaker system. Super fun.

KK and I enjoyed a late night American Idol session this week while sipping hot chocolate. We MOSTLY agree on who is awesome and who needs the boot.

I found out I can get a new car key for only $20! THAT was a major relief.

I am really enjoying working out. (other than the sore part!) We have a Wii Fit now and it has been wonderful!! I am feeling better and losing inches.

Tomorrow Russ and the girls are leaving town and I have a MOMMY weekend. I really don't know the last time I had so much time to MYSELF! JUST ME!! I usually only arrange childcare for time with Russ or friends. I am carefully planning the weekend for max AWESOMENESS! It's gonna be great. Pretty excited that there are lots of good movies out I want to see. :o)

I have awesome grandparent people in our lives who help SO much with the kiddos. It makes our life that much more wonderful!

Well, that's my high/low stuff for the weekend. What's your high/low? You can hop over to Michelle's blog and join in.

Hugs, Angel


Amy said...

I know how you feel about having the ability to be so sympathetic that it really weighs on you. It's tough.

YAY for mommy weekend!

Darlene said...

I am sooooo glad that you found a groove,(even if it ends up being a mini one) and checked back in with the blog world. Breaks are a GOOD thing though.
I love your shared thoughts here. Last week I was an emotional train wreck. Yes. It was PMS. And I have had it since I was 12. You would think I could just ignore my brain for 3 or 4 days when it goes on emotional overload. UGH.
I also cannot shake Abby from my thoughts. So many people I know are fighting this beast called cancer. sigh.
Anyway, it is wonderful to hear your thoughts again, friend. And I hope you find your keys.

Meridith said...

Angel, I love your sweet spirit. I have been highly emotional this week, as well. I am crying about moms picking up their kids in car line, my husband's innocent teasing, little girls that look like Abby in the grocery store...

Hey! On another note, have you heard of Apple Home? It is a big IPOD for your TV. It syncs with your PC and you can see home videos and pics to your music on the TV. You can link to the computer, too. I can't wait to get it!!!

Paul and DeeDee said...

I found my keys at the bottom of the lego bin----just fyi:) oh and one time in the microwave of the play kitchen.....