Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abby's Princess Hair

Just thought you might like a peek at one of the wigs you all helped to buy little Ms. Abby! There were some delays figuring out the right color and thickness for her cute little head. She has it now though and her full wig is on it's way! You can see more pics and update on the Riggs Blog. :0) Angel


Anonymous said...

Hey Angel!
I've been following your blog for quite a while now and am touched at the depth of compassion you have for orphans and their causes. That's why I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind using your blog as a platform for a fundraiser for a children's home in Costa Rica (something like you did with the on-line baby shower. a short, simple plug and/or link). This is very early in the process as it would not happen until May or June, but I thought I should ask you now so I could get an idea for what would be possible, considering your very large audience. I know you're super busy with RLC and your family, but when you have time I'd love to hear from you and share some more about this organization. Please get in touch with me at
BTW, my name is Shaina. Thanks so much!
ps. they have a website, but it's very outdated

Rhonda said...

So sweet and it looks awesome.